CIP School in the Phils.


on September 18, 2016

coat and tie


Gunmen fatally shot an American man and a Filipino woman in the southern Philippines for unknown reasons, police say.

Two assailants opened fire on a passenger minibus in southern Iligan city’s Mahayahay village on Monday, police said on Tuesday.

The American and a Filipino woman were killed and another Filipino woman was wounded.

Police identified the American as 41-year-old Steven Kindy from Michigan. Daraba says Kindy was shot six times.

 Image result for american killed in the philippines 2016

Kindy’s Filipino girlfriend was unhurt in the attack.

Police said Kindy appeared to be the target of the attack but the motive was not immediately known.

In separate killing on Monday, motorcycle-riding gunmen shot dead an American in broad daylight in the northern Philippines.

The victim, James Basham, 63, a former US serviceman living in the city of Angeles, was about to board his motorcycle in the city’s marketplace when he was attacked on Sunday, a police report said.

Hired killers in the Philippines often shoot their victims while riding motorcycles, using the helmets to hide their identities.


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