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“EASY” way to learn “ENGLISH” !!!!!!!!!

on September 20, 2014
From: your Guide to ESL

This week’s newsletter begins with a pronunciation tip on how to use a focus word to bring out the meaning in a sentence. Next, there’s a lesson in which you or your class will learn and discuss different types of movie genres. For grammar review, there’s an advanced level tense review section. Finally, there’s a guide to interrupting in English.

Using a Focus Word to Help with Pronunciation

Once you are familiar with using content words to help with stress and intonation, it’s time to take it to the next level by choosing a focus word. The focus word (or words in some cases) is the most important word in a sentence. For example:

Why didn’t you telephone?! I waited all day!

In these two sentences the word ‘telephone’ is the central focus. It’s the key to understanding both sentences. Someone might answer this question by saying:

I didn’t telephone because I was so busy.

In this case, ‘busy’ would be the focus word as it provides the main explanation for someone being late.

Movie Genres for English Learners

This lesson focuses on encouraging students to discuss some of their favorite films by asking students to discuss examples of different films they like. Next, students write short plot summaries to share with each other.
Tense Review for Advanced Learners

It’s back-to-school time. Before you or your students get down to studying the specifics of various grammar structures, it is a good idea to review the basic English tenses. If you are an advanced student, a review will help remind you of the tenses and also point out any weaknesses or insecurity that you may have. If you are an upper level student but not yet aware of all the tenses, these exercises will make a good introduction to some of the important structures ahead.
Interrupting in English

Learn how to interrupt politely in English, as well as respond to interruptions by either allowing or disallowing the interruption using these phrases.


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