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Hydrogen will replace “OIL” car’s soon for 1000 reason’s

on August 9, 2014

Hindenburg’s liberal valving of hydrogen to maintain level trim required the addition of about 20% fresh hydrogen every seven to ten days, which increased operational expenses, but had the benefit of maintaining the ship’s lifting gas at a high level of purity.

Maintaining a high level of purity (in other words, avoiding contamination of hydrogen by air) was an important safety feature in dealing with the flammable gas; pure hydrogen is difficult to ignite, but hydrogen mixed with air is highly volatile, so the purity of the gas was closely monitored.

Fantastic website!
I would appreciate info on how H2 was generated in large quantities (chemically? electrically?), how it was stored, how the gas bladders were made impermeable, how much the zepellins leaked H2, how they measured purity, what was the cost of replenishing, etc. etc. etc.
Thanks for a great read!!!!


I earlier commented that the Graf must have refilled with H2 during its around-the-world flight, but I forgot that because it used Blau Gas instead of Diesel fuel, there was little change in weight in flight since Blau Gas is almost the same density as air. So, no refills needed.


I beleive the Graf also carried liquid fuel in addition to the Blau gas. The Graf’s engines ran on that gas and gasoline or petrol, not diesel like the Hindenburg’s engines did. The Graf carried on one flight (No 366) from Germany to Pernambuco gasoline for 20 hours of powered flight which weighed 8040 kg. The remaining fuel was 19,000 cbm of Blau gas, with a minimal weight, that provided the Graf’s engines about 76 hours of powered flight.


Having worked with hydrogen at AirResearch in Phoenix durng a study of hypersonic
flight with supersonic combustion ramjets (Scramjets) I was suprised to learn that
the crash and burning of the Hindenburg misled many observers of the photos taken
to believe that the burning was highly visible. Actually it was invisible to the human
eye but visible in movies because of the broader spectrum capability of movie film.

Take my word, for it, the flame was very visible to the human eye! I was standing at the street corner near the Administration building with my parents- I was 9 years old. We watched it explode, the flames and debris went way up and then appeared to come down on top of us. My Mom and I ran down the street a ways but the embers went out before reaching us. I realize that H2 burns with an invisible flame, but it had to burn through the gas bags so the smoldering fabric contributed color to the flame – mostly white as I recall, not yellow as some pictures have been colorized. I have a Hindenburg PowerPoint show on my website -”Remembering the Hindenburg”.



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