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MY mom’s family name was “WORKMAN” so do you know any?

on May 27, 2014


Researching the Workman Family Tree

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Delve into the history of the Workman Family History using the links below. Some links are provide access to free information and other links are sponsored. We hope you find this information useful whilst you are unearthing your Workman Family History !

ukDid you know that in the 1881 UK census there were 1970 people with the Workman surname? In that year Workman was ranked number 1855 for popularity in the UK.

New to researching your Family Tree ?

top tip!Get some top hints and tips on how to go about researching your family using our Getting Startedpage.

Use Map My Ancestors to view the distribution of your Workman family tree once you have documented it with a Family History software package.

Records Found Database Collection
Ancestry global records search results for the Workman family.
Ancestry 1790 – 1930 US Federal census search results for the Workman surname.
Ancestry Historical Newspaper archive search results for the Workman surname.
Ancestry UK Parish Records search results for the Workman family name.
Ancestry UK Census search results for the Workman surname.
Ancestry Military records search results for the Workman surname.

Looking for an individual? Enter their first names below and narrow down your search

First names Surname

Births, deaths and marriagesBirth, Death and Marriage Records for the Workman Family Tree

Study the huge Ancestry records Database for Births, Marriages and Deaths of the Workman family.

Explore Workman Parish Records at Find My Past.

Study the UK registered births, marriages and deaths of the Workman family using the FreeBMDdatabase.

Study Genealogy Bank for Workman family records.

Study the LDS Database for records of the Workman family.

Study the Surname Archive to discover more of the Workman family history.

Study Genealinks for Workman family links.

Research the Workman surname using Regimental archive Footnotes by viewing images of original Workman family history documents.

Explore World Vital Records for information on the Workman family.

ukDid you know that there are currently 2583 people with the Workman surname in the UK? Workman is now ranked number 2015 for popularity in the UK.

DatabasesWorkman Family History Databases

Find Workman records at

Study Kindred Konnections for information on the Workman family and people looking to contact living Workman relations.

Study One Great Family for Workman records submitted by people who are already researching the Workman Genealogy .

Find your Irish Workman relatives on

ForumsWorkman Forums

Research the Workman surname using forums .

Search RootsWeb forums for Workman records.

USADid you know that there are currently 39497 people with the Workman surname in the USA? Workman is ranked number 144 for popularity in the USA.

Other databasesOther Workman Databases

Search the Ellis Island Database for information on the Workman family. This database contains over 25 million immigration records detailing passengers arriving in the United States of America.

Study Rootsweb resources for Workman records.

Research the Workman surname using the Genealogy Today database .

View countries of origin for people with the Workman surname.

ukView the distribution of the Workman surname in Britain using the public profiler Names database. The public profiler Names database contains distributions for the Workman surname in both 1881 and 1998. It also contains data on the ethnicity breakdown of the Workman surname.

USAView the distribution of the Workman surname in the USA using the GENS US Names database.



該当件数 : 159

markable career, rising gradually from a mere workman in a factory at Doos near Nuremberg to the po
He was the son of a middle-class workman.
He has been disguised as a jobless workman, and even as an old woman while pursuing the
July 23, 1998: Acquired Widd Workman from the San Diego Padres for Jim Bruske
no employer shall have any action against his workman for goods supplied at any shop belonging to t
Alonzo F. Workman, candidate from Oregon
t Ohio State and an All American quarterback, Workman played briefly for the Boston Red Sox during
as later discovered that an over-enthusiastic workman had “mended” the bookcase before the broadcas
t is the burial place of the Ancient Egyptian workman Inherkhau, who was Foreman of the Lord of the
er on piano, Elvin Jones on drums, and Reggie Workman on bass (who is mixed very low on this album)
show him to have been a careful and ingenious workman.
n trombone, Cedar Walton on piano, and Reggie Workman on bass.
Jennifer R. Smith and Paul Workman.
tal Hill Bullies by Alan M. Gottlieb and Dave Workman
d guitarists Al Trazz (Plastic Idols) and Dan Workman To flesh out the initial sparse sound.
ew McNair (the custodian), the courier, and a workman in the chamber.
Jason Segel and Lyle Workman have written music for the film, which includ
Shanklin, Neil Vokes, Mark Wheatley, and John Workman.
Andrew Boyle Workman (September 20, 1868 – December 25, 1942) was
He began work as a workman and went into agriculture and then became a r
Kao began to serve as a workman in his teenage years.
an-era Roman Catholic missions, stayed at the Workman House and prepared sketches for a chapel cont
he historic Temple Mansion and gardens at the Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum in City of
Following his baseball career, Workman played and coached in the NFL for the Clevela
“In the Beginning” (Geoff Workman, Nikki Sixx) – 1:13
nie Maupin, John Hicks, George Benson, Reggie Workman and Billy Higgins.
ten sharing starter duties with both Haywoode Workman and Mark Jackson, before rounding out the fin
Distraught and broke, William Workman shot himself in 1876.
he Marquess imported many of the builders and workman he had already used in South Wales.
She was built by Workman, Clark & Co Ltd, Belfast for Ellerman Lines L
She was built by Workman, Clark & Co Ltd, Belfast for Ellerman Lines L
to date, was discovered on 17 July 2003 by a workman on a flood defence scheme.
Milk is an album by Hawksley Workman, released in 2010.
ssing is a 1980 action film directed by Chuck Workman and distributed by Troma Entertainment.
In August 1912, a crowbar dropped by a workman working at the Old Court House, narrowly miss
was succeeded on Thursday, February 23 by Ted Workman and then later, Allan McEachern.
theridge (Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo), Jenny Workman (The the Ballet Theater Company), Bonnie Wyck
Charles Herbert Workman
ar II initially under the command of Col. J.E Workman of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF).
In 1991 she signed a contract with Workman Publishing Co. to write a book on wine, while
vow to never play live, Webb and Craine added Workman to the line-up and began to gig.
The club’s logo depicts a workman leaning on a shovel.
tish colloquial use of “cowboy” to describe a workman of doubtful professionalism e.g. a “cowboy bu
er recovered from the financial disaster, and Workman committed suicide a year later.
A distinguished historian, Workman was Cole Lecturer at Vanderbilt University in
These include that Dr. Dillard Workman, who was Adams’ medical associate, was also R
01 by Berkeley and Stanford alumnus, Dr. Mike Workman, now CEO and Chairman of the company.
They played in the same game during the Workman Day Celebration, which was held on November 2
M. E. “Ted” Workman is a former Canadian Football League executiv
com Characters of All Time with editor Robert Workman saying “It was just impossible to choose betw
ed, professedly to advance the enterprises of Workman Clark in Belfast.
chard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan, Workman Publishing, 1969 (Bantam, 1983 ISBN 978-05532
In 1868 Temple with his father-in-law William Workman and Isaias W. Hellman formed the banking hous
GameDaily’s Robert Workman listed Kyle as one of his favourite Star Wars
Gasteracantha brevispina Workman & Workman, 1892
im Poyser, Laura McPhee, Lisa Gauthier, Chuck Workman, Rita Kohn, Terry Kirts, Colin Dullaghan, Pau
eans the streets, removes refuse, generally a workman (a modern-day garbage collector, janitor, or
ed exclusively as a private burial ground for Workman and Temple family members and friends and mas
s as guitarist Dominic Miller, guitarist Lyle Workman, and drummers Abe Laboriel Jr. and Josh Frees
ng plots, having previously worked with H. B. Workman on managing the school’s merger and decline.
Harry Hallworth “Hoge” Workman (September 25, 1899 – May 20, 1972) was a rel
Freddie Waits, Rufus Reid, Billy Hart, Reggie Workman and Latin music greats such as Celia Cruz, Ch
Cornell J. Wallace as Harvey / Workman
ny Braxton, Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Reggie Workman, Michael Moore, Oliver Lake, Marilyn Crispell
Boulevard in Arlington (presently the home of Workman Junior High School).
Hosts Nanette Workman (credited as Nanette) and Tony Roman hosted t
in 1925 – to house politicians and even if a workman could afford the tariff he would not be allow
In 1969, Workman sold the team to the highly capable Sam Berge
il 27, 1880, Temple died and is buried in the Workman and Temple family El Campo Santo Cemetery.
llaborated with other artists including; Dion Workman, Taku Unami, Emma Hedditch, Margarida Garcia,
ship in 1911 at Belfast, Northern Ireland, by Workman, Clarke and Company.
ie Haden, Aladar Pege, Reggie Johnson, Reggie Workman, and Richard Davis.
Both Johnston and Workman supported segregation, so the campaign center
truction of the Cathedral of Saint Joseph the Workman, and established 47 churches, 43 convents, an
Joseph the Workman in La Crosse.
o return Mr Zakayev to Russia,” Judge Timothy Workman ruled.
fornia, when he “rescued Daniel W. Kloppen, a workman, from drowning.”
er 1879, Johnson rescued Daniel W. Kloppen, a workman, from drowning.
t after September 29 when Richard Lawrence, a workman, had last been inside the unlocked vault.
ersion was named Brain Quest, and licensed to Workman Publishing and sold 4.2 million copies in its
or elected Stephens as the first local Master Workman, the first District Master Workman, and the f
Jean Luisi as Workman
Humphrey, Billy Harper, Harold Mabern, Reggie Workman, Jymie Merritt and Freddie Waits.
Margaret Lee Workman, a Democrat, is the Chief Justice of the Supr
He married Catherine Workman Shirley Staley in September 1850.
Mayfield “Bull” Workman (born 1917) is a former American football coa
when a commission appointed by Mayor William Workman heard testimony that he and others had receiv
She narrowly defeated Greenville mayor Bill Workman, despite Campbell’s presence atop the ticket.
Railway, including Los Angeles mayor William Workman were again thinking of building a road to Sal
; and as staff counsel for County Mayor Nancy Workman.
mes Moody, Ahmad Jamal, Jymie Merritt, Reggie Workman, Fred Hopkins, Gloria Lynne, Dewey Redman, an
her Ventris, Hannah Esther Minutillo, Charles Workman; orchestra and chorus of the Opera National d
a studio album by Canadian musician Hawksley Workman released on 29 January 2008.
Prof. David Macdonald, Carl Nicholson, Roger Workman.
Krutch, My Darkest Days, Nickelback, Hawksley Workman and many Canadian bands, and even opened for
ibed nature as behaving like an artist, not a workman.
alt Lake County after the indictment of Nancy Workman.
Hoge was one of five Workman brothers to play football.
ntains a tablet, dedicated to the memory of a workman who fell from the roof and died during its co
Mobley, Duke Pearson, Doug Watkins or Reggie Workman, and Lex Humphries.
uchy moving man, truck driver, or blue-collar workman.
Philip Ray Workman (1 June 1953 – 9 May 2007) was a death row in
Council President Boyle Workman appointed him chairman of the Public Safety C
s said, he notified Council President William Workman, and he then worked with District Attorney As
n 1889 succeeding the first president, Thomas Workman.
y Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo is produced by Workman Publishing.
ing engineer Joshua Applebee and producer Dan Workman (Destiny’s Child, Southern Backtones, Culturc
orter of socialized health care proposals and Workman was able to win considerable support from the
After he retired from official public life, Workman devoted much of his time to collecting data o
Marriage and All the Rest to be published by Workman Publishing in Spring 2011.
Reginald “Reggie” Workman (born June 26, 1937 in Philadelphia, Pennsylv
was involved in an accident whilst rescuing a workman about to be crushed by a tree the latter was
Fearless Critic Seattle Restaurant Guide, Workman, 2010.
Fearless Critic San Antonio Restaurant Guide, Workman, 2011.
die MacKenzie, Duke McDonald, Art Rice, Cliff Workman, Norm Yellowlees.
Robert D. Workman published a novel method to calculate decompr
s Angeles federal district court, Rowland and Workman won two separate appeals, in 1856 and 1862, a
company law are such that despite the ruin of Workman, Clark & Co. Ltd.
world music greats as Bobby Sanabria, Reggie Workman, Chico Hamilton, and Junior Mance.
e Hoffsten, Foghat, Lee Aaron, Saxon, Nanette Workman, Smith, James Blood Ulmer, Livin’ Blues, Lloy
axophonist Dave Liebman US Saxophonist Reggie Workman US Bassist Pete La Roca US Drummer Peter Leit
rtly to compensate the former shareholders of Workman Clark, and partly to purchase the shares of o
Thus the superior gain of a specially gifted workman or specially skilled employer is in time assi
Guest artists included Steve Stanley, Lin Workman, and Martheus Wade.
key Hormel (Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer)”, Lyle Workman, (Bourgois Tagg, film composer for Superbad),
Badgerow was chosen as Supreme Master Workman of the Ancient Order of United Workmen in 188
sed, “Lazy Lovers”, written by Tams, Hawksley Workman, and Greg Johnston.
e state closed its doors for a time, Temple & Workman Bank went bankrupt due to mismanagement.
In 1876 the Temple and Workman Bank failed, and Temple, who had mortgaged Ra
iness, but the partnership between Temple and Workman continued as the Temple & Workman Bank in a d
our honored her at the opening of The Nanette Workman French (Francophone) House on the Mississippi
old, Stevenson was held liable to the injured workman because he constructed a scaffold that would
re presented to Mr Benjamin Lucraft, the only workman member of the first School Board for London,
pprentice, the expelled member, the non-union workman, the contractor and the employer, the materia
r of Anthony Braxton’s Quartet and the Reggie Workman Ensemble.
After the war, Workman returned to South Carolina to resume his jour
ter HMS M33 were sub-contracted to the nearby Workman Clark Limited shipyard.
that there was a need to protect the American workman, who was subject to competition from poorly p
In 1996, the Mayfield Workman Award was created, handed out annually to the
He also improved the State’s workman compensation program, encouraged a merit syst
, Sex, Coming Out, Marriage and All the Rest ( Workman, 2011)
Instead thereof, the Workman brought to light,
the early fifties who died in 1869; Thomas H. Workman, Banning’s chief clerk; Albert Sidney Johnsto
Bang, Ushio Torikai, Henry Threadgill, Reggie Workman, Diedre Murray, Leroy Jenkins, and Makanda Ke
Hancock later sold his share to William Workman.
; Grover Washington Jr. , Steve Turre, Reggie Workman, Cecil McBee, and Hamiet Bluiett; among many
bby Previte, Jim McNeely, McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman, the Mingus Orchestra, Franz Koglmann, and ap
y Hart, Mino Cinelu, Nana Vasconcelos, Reggie Workman, William Parker, Louis Sclavis, John Wolf Bre
enate race between Olin D. Johnston and W. D. Workman, Jr.
Fair, Vogue Knitting, Weekly Reader, WGBH TV, Workman Publishing.
en parasitical- and the trade-shop, where the workman is bound to purely commercial and antiquated
ent Beaudry, Henry Dockweiler, and William H. Workman.
For the Mayor of Los Angeles, see William H. Workman.
d operation under the direction with Willie D Workman, sound designer, engineering pioneer, Workman
tte Coleman’s composition “Peace” with Reggie Workman and Howard McRae.
e opera by De Nederlandse Opera, with Charles Workman and Sarah Castle in the title roles and condu
on Earth”/”Little Drummer Boy” with Hawksley Workman
sitions, these 1983 trio sessions with Reggie Workman and Ed Blackwell find him mining current pop


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