CIP School in the Phils.

OK here we go!!!! IF your White.. Shut up!!! never say black

on May 13, 2014

I start this because USa has changed sooo much, You can no longer say a black man..they will take your bussiness away from you. you can never say anything about a person of different then white.. but anyone can call a white person anything….

even on the news there sooo scared to say the truth about someone…the HIV basketball boy is a sick man…he is not a roll model.. but if you say that your a bad person!!!!!!


wowo the white people are sick in america!!!! your scared to say even a simple truth a rock is a rock…a dog is a dog a white man is a white man a black man is a black man


a asian man is a asian man or also woman!!!!!!!!!!


you white people make the problem……….. shut up keep the races split a part………..if a man can lose his job and his company that he own’s then fine white people “SHUT”



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