CIP School in the Phils.

coconut crabs

on September 21, 2013


 Come to the Philippines and Learn English Well E & G International Language Center was founded on June 26, 2006. Its humble beginnings were braved by six teachers and five students. Since then, that number had grown sporadically. E & G is basically an ESL (English as a Secondary Language) school in Davao City. Its students originate mainly from South Korea and Japan. The students are taught the basics and dynamics of the English language. The school provides air-conditioned dormitory rooms, a dining hall which serves three square meals a day, numerous cubicles for both single and group classes, laundry services, room cleaning services, round-the-clock wifi service, competent office staff, a 24-hour CCTV system and security guard service. Despite the proliferation of various language centers around the country, E & G is an excellent choice by many prospective students. They are especially delighted about the breath-taking location of the school besides the sea fronting infamous Samal Island. The school is comfortably located nearby several huge malls and entertainment centers that provides relaxation for the students whenever they want to unwind. The locality is sprinkled with fast food and take-out counters as well as convenient outlets for immediate needs. The future goal of the school is to be able to bring in more students from South Korea and Japan and provide them with updated English teaching programs and bring it to a level of world-class compatibility. To know more you may visit our site at ダバオE&G フィリピン 留学 英語 学校 語学留学 体験 口コミ 評判 ダバオ(DAVAO) E&G フィリピン 留学 英語 学校 口コミ 語学学校 評判!英会話 格安留学 体験^^フィリピン留学オンラインドットコム:EZ(イージー) ENG INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CENTER BY TEACHER ALVIN ON JULY 23, 2013 ENG INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CENTER (GROUP) OR ONE ON ONE RESOURCE BOOK: PRONUNCIATION PAIRS LEVEL: BEGINNER to ADULT BOOKS: GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY, READING, WRITING,PRONUNCIATION, SLE TIME FRAME: ONE MONTH Nickname ALVIN DAVIS Nationality AMERICAN Major: ESL TEACHER Subject PRONUNCIATION COURSE OBJECTIVES This one month class is to learn to speak American English with a clear sounding of the words, to be able to speak to other people and have them understand what you are talking about, not slurred, or with slang.








coconut crabs


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