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Loving You (Elvis) (1999) – *FULL MOVIE* British English

on July 7, 2013

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Loving You is a 1957 American Technicolor musical drama structured as Elvis Presley‘s first starring film vehicle, following his debut the previous year in a supporting role in the black-and-white film, Love Me Tender. Directed by Hal Kanter, the cast is completed by Lizabeth Scott, Wendell Corey, and Dolores Hart in her movie debut.

The storyline, about a delivery man who is discovered by a music publicist and a country–western musician who want to promote the talented newcomer, was scripted by Herbert Baker and Hal Kanter, based on the short story “A Call from Mitch Miller“. Kanter expanded the script after being inspired by Presley’s last appearance on the Louisiana Hayride, and his manager Colonel Tom Parker‘s antics.

A box office success, Loving You opened nationwide on July 9, 1957. Paramount Pictures chose to ignore the first-run theater system, opting instead to release the film in sub-run neighborhood theaters, a system later dubbed the “Presley Pattern”. Composed by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Presley’s single “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear” backed with “Loving You” was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.


Walter “Tex” Warner (Wendell Corey), a seasoned country and western bandleader past his prime, and his manager and love interest, Glenda Markle (Lizabeth Scott), work for the campaign of Texas gubernatorial candidate Jim Tallman. During a campaign stop in the town of Delville, Deke Rivers (Elvis Presley) and a workmate deliver an order of beer. While they are unloading, the workmate talks to Glenda about Deke’s singing ability, which Glenda jumps on to revive the sagging interest in the event by using local talent. She convinces Deke to sing a song with the backing of Tex’s Rough Ridin’ Ramblers.

Seeing the positive reception by the female audience, Glenda tries to convince Deke to join the Tex Warner Show. Driving in Deke’s hotrod, she tells him about his potential. Not willing to leave his first steady job in a year, he rejects the offer, but Glenda asks him to think about it. Upon returning to town, Glenda calls the Highway Beverage Company, after which she and Tex quit the Tallman campaign to return to their own roadshow. Later that night, Deke is provoked at a restaurant by the boyfriend of one of his fans, who wants to hear him sing a song. After singing to a tune from the jukebox, he starts a fight with him. He is later exonerated by the police.

The following morning, as the group is leaving town, Deke accepts Glenda’s offer, after being fired because of a complaint by a customer regarding a late delivery. Glenda just happens to have prepared a contract, which grants her half of his income. With Tex headlining, they start touring throughout Texas, along two other acts: Susan “Susie” Jessup (Dolores Hart) and a singing trio. As Deke’s popularity grows, Glenda devises publicity stunts to leverage it. At one show, she pays two aged woman to criticize him. When they start to argue with young fans, Glenda has a press photographer document the incident. As the tour progresses, Deke and Susan become interested in one another. After playing small venues, the group is hired to play in a large Amarillo theater on a four-day run. Convinced that it is his ticket to regain fame, Tex accepts Glenda’s suggestion to share the bill with Deke, after which she calls reporters of The Dallas Chronicle to write a story on Deke.

Deke sings “Loving You” for the Jessup family.

After the end of the four day engagement, Deke’s management is offered a one-man show in Freegate, Texas, outside of Dallas. Due to the terms of the contract, Tex fires Susan and the singing trio, leaving only Deke in the show. Before he has to begin his new tour, Deke drives Susan to her family’s farm. Meanwhile, in another publicity move, Glenda convinces Tex to buy a Cadillac against his life insurance for Deke, inventing a story to tell Deke that it was a gift from the widow of an oil magnate. Back on the farm, Deke and Susan talk, where she tells him about being fired, after which they are about to kiss, when they are interrupted by her parents, who ask him to sing the song he promised. After Deke sings “Loving You”, a surprised Susan remarks that she never heard him sing that way; Deke admits that he never felt that way before.

Glenda arrives at the farm with the Cadillac, and urges him to leave with her for Freegate to do the show. On their way back, Deke confesses to Glenda that his real surname is Tompkins. Deciding to disclose his past, they drive to Allen City, to the Woodbine cemetery, where he shows her the Tomb of Deke Rivers. He explains that when the orphanage he lived in burned down eleven years earlier, he decided to bury his past, and took Rivers’ name.

Meanwhile, in Freegate, the concert is cancelled by the Mayor’s office, after they received complaints from parents about Deke’s music. Glenda arranges a studio telecast of a concert from Freegate in order to gain publicity; this enables her to convince the town board to allow him to perform. Deke, unhappy, is considering leaving the entertainment business. When Glenda finds out, she talks him into performing, after which they kiss.

Deke confronts Glenda after she finds him.

On the day of the telecast, Deke is shocked after learning that Tex was married and later divorced to Glenda. Disillusioned, he drives off before the show. When Glenda finds out about it from Tex, she goes after Deke, finding him after he was run off the road by crossing cattle. Glenda confesses everything to him: getting him fired and lying about the Cadillac, after which she tears up their contract, before convincing him to return for the broadcast.

While the concert is delayed, fans are filmed by local newscasters defending Deke’s music. Eventually, an upset Susan arrives to reveal that Deke will not appear on the show. However, Deke does appear shortly after, declaring that he had “something very important to say to somebody”, and starts the show by singing “Loving You”. As the song ends, Susan goes onstage with him, after which they meet Tex and Glenda backstage. Deke offers to let them both manage him, as he is offered a recording contract. Tex and Glenda reconcile; meanwhile, Deke and Susan kiss.


  • Ken Becker as Wayne
  • Jana Lund as Daisy Bricker
  • and introducing Dolores Hart as Susan Jessup

Summary: Yorkshire writer Kate finds out her biological clock is ticking down the same day that her husband leaves her. To get over the financial crisis this creates, she takes in car-dealer Dave. He’s homeless as Kate’s husband has moved in with his wife. This leaves the problem of how to get promptly pregnant. Surely not with increasingly interesting Dave. They can’t even agree on a baby’s name – he thinks Fanny is silly and she finds Elvis, well, inconceivable.


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