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Elvis Presley’s ”Follow that Dream” (1962)

on July 7, 2013

[필리핀어학연수] 다바오 E&G어학원소개


Urgent hiring





Come and study English in the Philippines

E & G English school, which is located on the waterfront in Davao was named the safest city in the Philippines realize cheap rates reasonably, to reduce the cost study abroad you can. I am a complete environment of optimum excellent teachers, and friendly staff. It offers a curriculum that is customized for improvement of ability of individual students in particular, for this reason, it offers small group lessons of 4 hours and one-on-one class of 4 hours a day.

June 10 (Mon): No classes

※ 12 Wednesday, June Independence Day the (Independence day)

I will transfer on Monday June 10.

· June 14 (Friday): level test, quarantine

※ After lunch, going out possible. 15 I go out all the time to ask.

· June 15 (Sat): official TOEIC test

※ Please apply to Saturday 8th seekers

E & G International Language Center
Maryknoll Road, Davao City, Philippines

1. There is never “SNOW” in the Philippines. The students here love it and learn english at the same time.
2.Cheep rate!!!!
4. Native Teachers from Western MEN and WOMEN

E&G Language Center, Davao Philippines.

Cover of "Follow That Dream"

Cover of Follow That Dream


Presley’s gift for light comedy was superb, herein, one of cinema’s finest understated deadpan comedic performances. Today, he might glom an Oscar nod. Then, it was dismissed by elitist urban critics who misperceived him as playing what they saw as his own character – an ignorant, backwoods, hillbilly. In fact, Elvis had an acute understanding of human character & perhaps the most exquisitely refined interpretation of screen dialogue & song lyrics of any communications artist in the business.

Angel by Elvis Presley
Angel, with those angel eyes
Come and take this earth boy
Up to paradise

Angel, may I hold you tight?
Never kissed an angel
Let me kiss one tonight

If I said "I love you"
Would I be speaking out of turn?
I'm only human, but I'm willing to learn

Angel, make my wish come true
Let me be in heaven here on earth with you

Angel, never kissed an angel
Let me kiss one tonightIf I said "I love you"
Would I be speaking out of turn?
I'm only human, but I'm willing to learnAngel, make my wish come true
Let me be in heaven here on earth with youAngel, Angel

I thought this song was from “Wild In the Country,” not “Follow that Dream,” but I’m wrong; it is from “Follow that Dream.” I get the two movies confused because I actually thought they were quite good, compared to some of the weaker plots in movies that Elvis had to endure. These two are my Elvis movie favorites, and the better story lines gave Elvis a chance to use his acting skills, which were wonderful–very natural, yet engaging. I must have listened to “Angel” alot back then; it has been a song in my head for over 50 years! But I don’t buy movie soundtracks, and it took me awhile to find the song on a CD mix–it’s on a great CD, “Love, Elvis,” and also on “Elvis–Love Songs.” Both CDs are full of beautiful ballads, including the covers he did of other artist’s songs of the late 60’s and 70’s. He WAS the music of the 20th century; I doubt any musical eras to come will ever see an artist with such influence and power.



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