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Elvis Presley – Loving You 1957 Great English

on July 7, 2013

E&G Language Center, Davao Philippines.



His Hand in Mine

His Hand in Mine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The funny thing is Col. Tom Parker is the only guy Elvis ever really listened too. It was rare for Elvis to tell him no. The 68 Comeback Special being a Rock show and not a Christmas Show is one of the few times. Some would say that it wasn’t the Col. job to get involved in Elvis personal life but if he wants his artists to be in top form than may he should have. I would have like him to try anyways. I mean what if Col. Parker told Elvis to stop the pills?

I loved this man too, and yes the good lord took him home far to soon. It wasn’t just drugs that took his life that saddest day that we all will remember. Loosing his mom, divorce, fan’s not letting him be a person to walk among the people. When your forced into hibernation you either drink or do drugs, then don’t forget the power that he had. Elvis did it his way no one could tell him different. They tried, he was after all still a man. If your doing the blame thing then there are alot more.

ELVIS AARON PRESLEY. JANUARY 08, 1935-AUGUST 16, 1977. he departed from the worldly scene much too soon, just 42 years old. i would like to get my hands on those who got him onto drugs in the first place.that is what killed him, im certain.

I saw this in Fresno, Ca in 1987; I was about 13 yrs old. I didn’t really ever care 4 Elvis, his music & his strange jump suits n karate. But when I randomly bumped into this movie, & oddly decided 2 put my 13 yr old minds focus on Elvis of all things, in this movie, I was captivated.When it played “You are always on my mind“, I was floored! It seared a deep bond tween me & Elvis n Priscilla; the tumultuous, n very true, very human love, with all of its struggles n glories. It woke my heart up.

Kurt nailed it and the King will live on. The Bel Air scene had been during the period he was neighbor to my father, Danny Thomas. I lived with my mother but wished I was there then, as he was right next door, just another regret. I had been at Graceland , not the pretty houses across the street but the commercial Elvis museum, house and land are beautiful though. When I left there I realized, Elvis was truly a Great Man, a one of a kind. All should see the home, if not in person then on YouTube


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