CIP School in the Phils.

Mind Puzzles

on July 4, 2013

Urgent hiring

E & G International Language Center
Mary knoll, Lanang Davao City

Phone: 091 7712 2970
e-mail: Infoattoeng-ryugaku.Com

E & G English school, which is located on the waterfront in Davao was named the safest city in the Philippines realize cheap rates reasonably, to reduce the cost study abroad you can. I am a complete environment of optimum excellent teachers, and friendly staff. It offers a curriculum that is customized for improvement of ability of individual students in particular, for this reason, it offers small group lessons of 4 hours and one-on-one class of 4 hours a day.
June 10 (Mon): No classes
※ 12 Wednesday, June Independence Day the (Independence day)
I will transfer on Monday June 10.
• June 14 (Friday): level test, quarantine
※ After lunch, going out possible. 15 I go out all the time to ask.
• June 15 (Sat): official TOEIC test
※ Please apply to Saturday 8th seekers
E & G International Language Center
Maryknoll Road, Davao City, Philippines
Phone : 091 7713 3029
e-mail : Infoattoeng-ryugaku.Com




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