CIP School in the Phils.


on May 22, 2013


Hi this is “ALVIN” come and join me here at E&G English school in Davao Philippines

Great School

Great Staff

Great Beaches








Part 1 Picture Identification

You should always look closely at each photo and ask yourself:

Who is in the photo?
What objects are visible?
Where was the photo taken?
What are the professions of the people?
What actions are being performed?
What are the positions of the people and the objects?
Part 2 Question/Response

You will hear different types of questions. Determine what type of question is being asked and what the purpose of the question is. Some questions ask for information but others may be invitations, suggestions or comments.

Listen carefully to the beginning of the question, especially for question words such as who, what, where, when, how, how much, how many, etc.

Do not expect the answer to a question to contain the same verb and tense as the question.
Part 3 Reading Comprehension

Be familiar with the layout of common types of texts such as emails, memos or formal letters in order to facilitate your reading.

Read the title and the first line of the text to determine what kind of text it is and identify the main idea.

Remember that an answer may require that you understand information in different parts of the text.

Read both documents in order to understand the relationship between the two for the sections that feature double passages.

Remember that some questions will require you to cross-check information between the two documents. You should therefore allow more time for double passages.




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