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..10 Unsolved Mysteries

on November 9, 2012


Map of Giza pyramid complex Polski: mapa kompl...

Map of Giza pyramid complex Polski: mapa kompleksu piramid w Gizie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The was build by visitors who were send by God to spare us from cataclysmic events caused by planet-x that is passing us every 12.500 years in 2012. It is a call to a higher consciousness, a call to free our minds from religious indoctrination and old political power structures. Besides of that, the other very important event towards the end of 2012, beginning of 2013, is the resetting of the cosmic clock that occurs every 25.000 years. An event that will be a great change for whole mankind. People laugh or just had enough of the topic of 2012, yet-it is truly a time of great change. Not the end of the world, but definitely the end of time as we know it. So be blessed and stay open minded, ~One~
(to learn more about this topic visit: to watch music video about this topic visit: Pyramid of Giza (build 6500 years ago=4500 b.C., not 4500 years ago=2500 b.C.)

How beautifully it all comes together. The next thing is the alien hypothesis. Yes, they’ve been here to help and they will return, once we will live in peace with each other and open minded enough to respect different beings (who are in fact not that different, we share DNA and are all children of God, religion is a human approach to try to understand a higher being and it is no real authority. Ask you self, you know in your heart what the truth is) 6500 they build with our cooperation (no slavery, voluntary workers from all over the world) the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. The Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau is standing exactly on the center of the axis of the earth and is aligned with the Great Pyramid on mars in Cydonia. It is a giant generator that, once activated will power the geo-mantic energy grid that will enforces earths atmosphere and spare us form the consequences of the passage of planet X with it’s planetoids and asteroids that it’s pulling in it’s long tail along. This protective system, the Great Pyramid of Giza is also a sign called the “Sign of Time”. These so called “Aliens” were send by God to help us, but we have to take this serious and accept the help instead of being close minded and turning everything down that is outside of our limited view of the world and of the cosmos. It is also a chance for us to proof that we are conscious enough to talk and to work with us. The Egyptian Government knows and they are looking into everything already. The most work was done by a Lucyna Lobos Brown and her husband Bill Brown who started “Project-Cheops” or “Mission Pharaoh”. The head of the Egyptian Council of Antiquities, Dr Zahi Hawass was blocking the whole project were ever he could, calling it all nonsense and the people working on this project “Pyramidiots”. Now, that the Egyptian authorities are getting involved supporting the mission it is called “The Khufu Project”, after 10 years of struggle with the authorities and petitions that have been signed by thousands all over the world (to learn more about this go

The other, very important thing that will happen towards the end of 2012, beginning of 2013 is the resetting of the cosmic clock. The moment earth leaves the dark riff that we are still in, our planet will be aligned with the center of the galaxy and it will be showered with energy that flows from the center of the Milky-way that is 50% stronger than the energy that we are experiencing now. This happens every 25.000 years and it will be the beginning of a new, a higher consciousness. A consciousness that will help mankind to become the way we were supposed to be, living in peace and in harmony. A consciousness that is not about gathering as much material goods as possible but about becoming the best and the most that you could become.

Very interesting. I love this blog b/c it is talking about all these things that are coming. Let’s start with the mass extinction hypothesis. Yes, 12500 years ago there was the great flood, caused by a giant dead planet that crosses our solar system (a.k.a. Nibiru or Planet X). NASA knows very well about this happening but they can’t cause panic. This planet is the real cause of global warming, which begun the moment this planet entered our solar system again and it will pass us in 2012 causing the sun to emit it’s strongest solar flare in 2012 as well as an orchestra of catastrophic events like earthquakes, floods and vulcanic eruptions. The governments of the world know about the bad condition of our atmosphere and they tried different things like the HARP project or even considered to shoot reflecting particles into our stratosphere to deflect sonic rays, but these were no useful solutions. So now they are building shelters, underground bunkers and cities, what is just a waste of energy and time. The passing of the planet is just one side of the medal (learn more at

universe is vast and unknown. It holds many mysteries. And possibly the
biggest mystery is how the universe was created.
Scientists have suggested that there was a massive explosion billions of
years ago called The Big Bang. That theory is now generally accepted,
and scientists are looking for trails of energy left behind The from the colossal explosion that created a trillion stars. Yet there is no absolute proof. But the creation of the universe is something too big to happen so simply. Religious folks will say God/Allah/Vishnu created the universe. But scientists will say that there was a Big Bang, and that there is energy from the bang moving through the universe, and they are trying to locate the epicentre. So, the debate continues. Religion vs. Science is probably the biggest conflict in the
world. But what is religion? There are so many different types.
And the difference between the Christian religion and Greek mythology? No
one believes in Greek mythology anymore. But what is science?
And math? Things created by man. So before saying that man created God and science proves it, people should realize man created science as well. And maybe, the universe is just something made up
in our minds.

civilization that was extremely advanced, and they may have given later civilizations the knowledge to build such things. Yet there is no substantial evidence of either.. Other examples: Easter Island Heads, Pyramid of the Sun (in Mesoamerica) ,other pyramids in central and south America, Colossus of Rhodes.


*Megalithic structures*

A megalithic structure is some thing big made of rock. It could be a statue,
or just some rocks strewn around in a pattern.
The truly mysterious thing about the ancients is, how were they able to
create such enormous things? They did not have the technology needed to efficiently make them. Stonehenge is a good example.. A bigger one
is the Great Pyramid in Giza, or the pyramids themselves.
Sometimes, even their purpose is unclear (Stonehenge) , while other times,
the structures in question are mysterious and seemingly supernatural (the pyramids). A megalith (I know, sounds like something from Di-Gata Defenders), a giant rock, is used most of the time,especially in the case of Stonehenge and the Carnac stones. Still, there are a few megalithic structures that are not mysterious (like Great Zimbabwe), but mostly it seems impossible that the ancients made these things themselves. Now, many would like to think aliens helped them. Yet even scientists say queerer things. They suggest that there may have been a lost ancient civilization that was extremely advanced.

How did life on earth appear? Science suggests that life when the planet was
favourable for habitation.
Yet did microscopic organisms just pop out of nowhere? One hypothesis is
panspermia, which suggests that ‘seeds of life’ exist everywhere around the universe, and that life on earth started when these ‘seeds’ came here, probably by a meteor. It also suggests that these seeds are taken to other habitable places in the universe. Something similar to this is exo-genesis. It suggests that life was brought to earth those billions of years ago, however it does not say that life is also taken to other habitable places. Some people believe aliens brought life to our planet, as suggested by the theories of
Erich Von Daniken. Although some are sceptical as to how life could exist in space and get carried to other planets, there is substantial evidence that certain life forms, like spores and certain types of bacteria can actually exist in space, perhaps in a dormant




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