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What do you know about NASA?

on October 12, 2012
English: The NASA insignia. Español: Insignia ...

English: The NASA insignia. Español: Insignia de la NASA. Italiano: Logo della NASA. Русский: Логотип НАСА. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





1) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘NASA’?
2) What does the acronym NASA mean?
3) Would you like to work for NASA?
4) What do you think is NASA’s greatest ever triumph?
5) What projects is NASA working on at the moment?
6) Why is the work NASA does important?
7) Why is NASA so interested in Mars?
8) Do you think NASA’s $15 billion annual budget is enough or should the money be spent on other things?
9) What do you think NASA’s astronaut training is like?
10) Why isn’t NASA interested in more manned trips to the Moon?






1) What do you know about NASA?
2) What do you know about NASA’s competitors?
3) What do you know about the early days of NASA?
4) If NASA found an alien, do you think they’d tell us about it?
5) Do you think NASA has secrets it doesn’t tell the world about the things it has found?
6) What is the point of NASA? What’s its mission?
7) If you could decide on a project for NASA, what would it be?
8) What do NASA workers talk about in their lunch break?
9) What would be the best job to have in NASA?
10) What questions would you like to ask a NASA astronaut?






1) Do you like your name(s)?
2) What does your name mean?
3) Why did your parents choose that name for you?
4) What is the coolest name in the world?
5) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
6) What names do you really dislike?
7) Are boys names better than girls names or is it the other way round?
8) What are good names to give to pets?
9) Can you guess the social status of someone in your country from his or her name?
10) What do you think of old people’s names?





1) Do you prefer people to call you by your given name of your family name (with Mr, Ms, Miss, Mrs, etc)?
2) What is the most ridiculous name you’ve ever heard?
3) Do you have a nickname and do you like it?
4) What do you think of the idea of naming babies after their parents?
5) Hyphenated (double-barreled) names are common in English speaking countries. If Mr Pilkington-Smythe married Ms Montague-Smith, the child could be called (Jane/John) Pilkington-Smythe-Montague-Smith. What do you think of this?
6) What thing in the world you like to be named after you?
7) What do you think of people naming their children after actors and pop stars?
8) How many middle names does a person really need?
9) Do you have problems with your name and legal documents?
10) Do you think children’s names should be from their culture?



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