CIP School in the Phils.

How varied are your musical tastes?

on October 12, 2012
English: Beautiful Days music festival (6) Bea...

English: Beautiful Days music festival (6) Beautiful Days music festival takes place every August in the grounds of Escot Park. It is run by Levellers, a popular folkrock band. This Routemaster bus serves teas and refreshments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






1) What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘music’?
2) What does music mean to you?
3) What would life be like without music?
4) Which is more important to you, music or TV?
5) What kind of music do you like?
6) How have your musical tastes changed since when you were a kid?
7) What music can change the way you feel?
8) What’s the best time and place to listen to music?
9) Where does the best music come from, the USA, UK or other?
10) What decade has produced the best music?






1) How varied are your musical tastes?
2) What artists/band do you want to see at a music festival?
3) What musical genres do you really hate?
4) Do you think most music (say 90%) is rubbish?
5) Is the Internet helping or hindering musicians?
6) Do you agree with Shakespeare that music is the food of love?
7) What new music have you bought or listened to recently?
8) What do you think of the music your parents listen to?
9) Why do humans like music so much?
10) What do you think of the music they play in supermarkets and elevators?



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