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How to Practice Speed Reading Techniques

on September 3, 2012

How to Practice Speed Reading Techniques


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Everyone can benefit from reading more efficiently, especially with so many information sources to contend with. Whether you need help reading email faster or a report for work, you can practice good speed reading techniques–and learn the techniques to avoid.


  1. Practice Speed Reading Techniques
  • 1 Practice focusing on blocks of words at a time rather than the standard one word at a time method. View a sentence as a whole and try and comprehend the meaning of words as a group.
  • 2 Increase the number of words that you read at a time, thinking in terms of reading in blocks. You can read faster by including more words in a block of text. Hold the reading material further away from your eyes.
  • 3 Avoid sub-vocalization habits (pronouncing each word in your head as you read it). Doing so can slow up the reading process. At first, you will probably need to make a conscious effort to not repeat things in your head as you read.
  • 4 Train yourself to scan words without thinking about the pronunciation or meaning. This will help you speed through blocks of text faster.
  • 5 Scan pages quickly for key points, choosing what is important and what is not. Skim over superfluous material. You can choose your own order for reading text as opposed to the way an author has organized it.
  1. Correct Poor Reading Habits
  • 6 Break yourself of the habit of regression (unnecessary re-reading of material). By doing this extra step, you break up the flow and arrangement of text and can diminish your understanding of the material.
  • 7 Use a pointer tool, pencil, or your finger while you read. Follow along with the pointer as you read the sentences to break the habit of regression. Stay controlled and remind yourself not to reread.
  • 8 Increase the gliding speed of the pointer. Start gradually and as you practice speed reading techniques, go faster.
  • 9 Focus your concentration by avoiding internal and external distractions. Create a quiet place to practice speed reading. Noises such as the television can cause you to read more slowly and hinder how you process what you’ve read.

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