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What is a phrase? (Beginner level)

on August 25, 2012

What is a phrase? (Beginner level)


We have already learned that a word is a group of letters arranged in such a way that they make sense. Examples are: flower, book, tree and apple.

A phrase is a group of words that make sense. Examples are: the book, on the table, in the corner and under the tree.

We cannot make a phrase by simply putting two or more words together. For a group of words to be a phrase, they must make sense. For example, the following word combinations are not phrases.

  • On table the
  • Sky in the
  • Books two

Exercise 1

Put a tick mark against the group of words that are phrases.

1. On land

2. On the roof

3. book a

4. girl beautiful

5. clever boy

6. a glass of water

7. a pair of shoes

8. a story interesting

9. crow clever the

10. a hardworking animal


1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 10 are phrases because they make sense.

Exercise 2

The groups of words given below are not phrases because they do not make sense. Rearrange them in such a way that they make sense.

1. a cake of piece

2. a song lovely

3. picture beautiful a

4. an old man wise

5. monkey clever a

6. a milk of glass

7. a garland flowers of

8. soap a bar of

9. car my uncle’s

10. woman old an


1. A piece of cake

2. A lovely song

3. A beautiful picture

4. A wise old man

5. A clever monkey

6. A glass of milk

7. A garland of flowers

8. A bar of soap

9. My uncle’s car

10. An old woman


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