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How Come Samurai Women Used Japanese Samurai Swords?

on August 21, 2012

Some background info-the culture of Japan is very, very traditional. More traditional than almost any other country.
Even today it is a male-dominated culture.
But there have always been legends. These female samurai girls were documented in Japanese Art, paintings and in the Kabuki Theater.

How Come Samurai Women Used Japanese Samurai Swords?

How come women at the time knew how to use the Samurai sword?
Apparently they had to defend themselves and their kids in case their home was captured by the enemy.
Samurai women were expected to fight till the end and die with honor, just like the men.
Some women Samurai also served as Ninja Samurai: going into enemy castles as dancers or servants. They were very successful since nobody suspected them.

Fantastic New Discoveries About Female Samurai Girls


Nakano Takeko was one of the legendary Samurai women. She was the daughter of an Aizu district official.
Aizu women were taught the same values as any Samurai Japanese warrior. They were taught to protect themselves, their family and their daimyo-feudal lord.
She was brave and skillful as any Japanese warrior. She was very good with ancient Japanese samurai swords. She was also considered a very skilled rider.
During the Battle of Aizu, Nakano Takeko led the female Samurai against the Emperor’s forces. During the fighting she entered enemy lines and killed many warriors.
According to the Bushido code of the Samurai surrender is unthinkable. That’s why when she was shot in the chest, her sister Yuko cut Nakano’s head off, as they had previously agreed on.

Yamakawa Futaba was the daughter and the wife of Shogun officials in Aizu. She was trained to fight.
She participated in the defense of Tsuruga Castle against the Emperor’s forces. When the battle was lost, many of the warriors committed seppuku–the famous Ritual of suicide.
Yamakawa Futaba survived, and became a leader and public speaker on the subject of education for women in Japan.

Samurai Women History In Feudal Japan

1868 was an important year in the history of Japan.
The new emperor Meiji was only 16 years old, but he set Japan on a course of modernization that would transform Ancient Japan from a feudal society to an industrialized nation in only a few years.
The Last Samurai‘ movie focuses on the rebellion of the Japanese warriors, who were devoted to the Samurai culture and rejected the Westernized policy and use of guns.
The Shogun forces surrendered Edo (Tokyo) in May 1868, but they still were in power in the north of Japan.

The feudal system was eliminated. By initiating a compulsory military service the warriors were left without a position for the first time in the Ancient Japanese Culture.
Unfortunately these fantastic female Samurai women were largely forgotten.


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