CIP School in the Phils.


on August 20, 2012

Do you know all the words in this word list? You can build your vocabularywith these vocabulary flashcards.


Flashcards_11a (Photo credit: JeffreyWilson01)

  • Read the word and read the sentences.
  • Try to define the word yourself after reading the sentences.
  • Select the flashcard image to see the word’s definition.

1. hazard


The potholes in the road are a real hazard to drivers.

Toxic waste is a hazard to everyone.

2. isolate


We had to isolate the dog to protect her puppies.

The boy felt isolated on the island.

3. insulate


We need to insulate our attic to keep the house warm.

You can insulate yourself with a heavy coat.

4. suspend


The artist suspended each creation from a hook.

The principal will suspend the program after two weeks.

5. exchange


I will exchange my bug collection for his lumpy chair.

You can exchange the shirt for one that fits.

6. ban


Airlines decided to ban smoking on all flights.

Many classic books have been banned from school libraries.

7. salute


We watched the soldiers salute the president.

I have to salute you for your great work.

8. dodge


The pilot had to dodge the bad weather.

Don’t try to dodge the subject.

9. artificial

I prefer sugar over artificial sweeteners.

The politician had an artificial smile.

10. hollow

My chocolate bunny is hollow.

The baby raccoons lived in a hollow tree.


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