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Sets of homonyms: hahahaaa same words??????

on August 13, 2012




  a very short little insignificant English word
  eh an interrogative utterance
  acts things done
  ax chopping tool
  ad short for advertisement
  add short for addition
  adds performs additions
  ads more than one advertisement
  adze axe-like tool
  ade fruit beverage
  aid to assist
  aide an assistant
  aerie eagle’s nest
  airy breezy
  aero of aircraft
  arrow slender, pointed shaft
  affect to change
  effect result
  ail sick
  ale beer
  air stuff we breathe
  are 1/100th of a hectare
  e’er contraction of “ever”
  ere eventually
  err to make a mistake
  heir one who will inherit
  aisle walkway
  I’ll contraction of “I will”
  isle island
  all everything
  awl pointed scriber
  allowed permitted
  aloud spoken
  altar raised center of worship
  alter to change
  an a single instance
  Ann a woman’s name
  ant insect
  aunt parent’s sister
  ante preliminary bet
  auntie sister of a parent
  arc portion of a circle
  ark vessel
  ascent the climb
  assent to agree
  ate past tense of eat
  eight the number base of octal
  auger a drill
  augur foretell
  aught anything
  ought should
  aural of hearing
  oral of the mouth
  auricle external part of the ear
  oracle seer
  away distant
  aweigh just clear of the bottom
  awed in a state of wonder
  odd not usual
  aweful filled with awe
  awful really bad
  offal butchered entrails
  aye naval affirmative
  eye ocular organ
  I oneself


  bail bucket handle
  bale bundle of hay
  bailed pumping water out of a boat
  baled to gather into a bale
  bailee a person to whom goods are committed for custody or repair
  bailey the outer wall of a castle
  bailie a municipal officer in Scotland
  bailer one who bails (water)
  bailor a person that entrusts goods to a bailee
  baler one who bales (hay)
  bailing pumping water out of a boat
  baling wire used to tie bales
  bait to torment
  bate to lessen
  baited past tense of bait
  bated past tense of bate
  baiting tormenting
  bating lessening
  baize green felt
  bays one or more enclosed arms of the ocean
  beys one or more Turkish officials
  bald hairless
  balled carnal knowledge
  bawled cried aloud
  ball playful orb
  bawl to cry
  band a group
  banned forbidden
  bard a poet
  barred enclosed by poles
  bare naked
  bear wild ursine
  bark outer sheath of a tree
  barque square-rigged sailing ship
  baron minor royalty
  barren unable to bear children
  Barry a man’s name
  berry small fruit
  bury to take under
  basal forming the base
  basil an herb
  base the bottom support for anything
  bass the lowest musical pitch or range
  based supported
  baste to swab with liquid during cooking
  bases what baseball players like to steal
  basis principal constituent of anything
  basses many four-stringed guitars
  bask to warm oneself pleasantly
  basque tightfitting bodice or tunic (or, people of the Pyrenees)
  bat a blind, flying rodent
  batt a flat pad
  baud bits per second
  bawd brothel manager
  bay an enclosed arm of the ocean
  bey a Turkish official
  be to exist
  bee pollinating buzzer
  beach where i want to be
  beech a type of tree
  bean a legume
  been past tense of be
  beat to hit
  beet edible red root
  beau male friend
  bow a curve or bend; double-slipped reef knot
  beaut slang for beauty, beautiful
  butte steep sided hill
  been past tense of be
  bin a box or container
  beer universally brewed comfort food
  bier a temporary frame for a coffin
  bel indian thorn tree
  Bel Babylonian god
  bell ding ding
  belle beautiful woman
  berth anchorage
  birth your method of arrival
  besot to get drunk
  besought past tense of beseech
  better superior
  bettor one who bets
  bight middle of a rope
  bite a mouthful
  byte eight bits
  billed has a bill
  build to construct
  bit past tense of bite
  bitt large cleat for tying up ships
  blew past tense of blow
  blue color of California sky
  bloc an alliance
  block square object
  boar wild pig
  Boer a South African of Dutch descent
  boor tasteless buffoon
  bore not interesting
  board a plank
  bored not interested
  boarder lodger who gets meals, too
  border perimeter
  bode an omen
  bowed curved
  bold brave
  bowled knocked over
  bolder more courageous
  boulder large rock
  bole trunk
  boll round seed pod
  bowl dish
  boos disparaging sounds from fans
  booze whiskey
  born brought into life
  borne past participle of bear
  bourn a small stream or boundary
  borough township
  burrow dig into the ground
  bough tree branch
  bow front of a ship; respectful bend
  bouy navigational aid
  boy male child
  bra brassiere
  braw well-groomed
  braid a weave of three strands
  brayed a donkey cried
  braise cook with oil and water
  brays loud, harsh cry
  brake stopping device
  break to split apart
  breach to break through
  breech the back part
  bread a loaf
  bred past tense of breed
  brewed fermented
  brood family
  brews more than one beer
  bruise a contusion
  bridal pertaining to brides
  bridle horse’s headgear
  broach to raise a subject
  brooch an ornament fastened to clothes
  brows multiple foreheads
  browse grazing
  bundt type of cake
  bunt hit a pitch without swinging
  burger meat sandwich
  burgher merchant
  bus large multi-passenger vehicle
  buss a kiss
  bussed kissed
  bust head and shoulders sculpture
  but excepting
  butt the thick end
  buy to purchase
  by near
  bye farewell
  buyer one who purchases
  byre a cow barn


  cache hidden storage
  cash legal tender
  cached hidden away
  cashed converted to legal tender
  calendar chart of days
  calender paper press
  call to summon
  caul amnionic membrane
  col a mountain pass
  caller one who calls
  collar my cat has collar ID
  can’t contraction of “can not”
  cant a bevel
  cannon big gun
  canon body of law
  canter a moderate gallop
  cantor singer
  canvas rough cloth
  canvass to examine thoroughly
  capital most important
  capitol center of government
  carat unit of weight for precious stones, equal to 200 milligrams
  caret proofreader’s insertion mark
  carrot edible orange root
  karat one 24th part of otherwise pure gold
  carol Christmas song
  carrel study enclosure
  carpal a bone of the carpus
  carpel a pistil
  cast to throw
  caste a social class
  caster one who throws
  castor beaver’s smelly gland
  cause generative force
  caws sounds of crows
  cay a low island
  key opens locks
  quay a wharf
  cedar an evergreen tree
  seeder one who broadcasts seeds
  cede to give
  seed part of a plant from which a new one grows
  ceding giving
  seeding planting
  ceiling top of the room
  sealing to close a package or envelope
  cell a small room
  sell to exchange for money
  cellar under a house
  seller one who sells
  censer incense dish
  censor bad people who fear knowledge
  sensor a device which detects
  census numbering
  senses faculties
  cent one hundredth of a dollar
  scent an aroma
  sent dispatched
  cents hundredths of a dollar
  scents many things to smell
  sense detection equipment
  cere waxy fleshy covering at the base of the upper beak in some birds
  sear to scorch
  seer a prophet
  sere natural succession of plant or animal communities
  cereal grains
  serial numbers in sequence
  Ceres Roman Goddess of agriculture
  series a sequence of things
  cession giving up
  session a group sitting
  chalk calcareous earthy substance
  chock wedge to keep wheels from rolling
  chance happenstance
  chants more than one litany
  chard spinach-like vegetable
  charred burnt
  chased quickly followed
  chaste virginal
  check a tic mark
  Czech from Czechoslovakia
  chews masticating
  choose to select
  Chile a South American country
  chili dried pod of red pepper
  chilly uncomfortably cool
  choir church singers
  quire the twentieth part of a ream of paper
  choler yellow bile
  collar around your neck
  choral by a chorus
  coral marine polyp skeleton
  chorale a choir
  corral a pen for horses
  chord three tones in harmony
  cord very light rope
  cored divested of its central part
  chute inclined trough
  shoot to project an object
  cite to refer to
  sight vision
  site a location
  cited referenced
  sighted visually identified
  sited located
  cites past tense of cite
  sights tourist rationale
  sites more than one location
  clack a chattering sound
  claque a group hired to applaud, sycophants
  Claus fat, jolly guy with presents
  clause contractual unit
  claws big fingernails
  clew sheet cringle on a sail
  clue a hint
  click ticking noise
  clique exclusive group
  climb ascending
  clime climate
  close to shut
  clothes garments
  coal black mineral
  cole plants in the crucifer family
  coaled supplied with coal
  cold not supplied with coal
  coarse rough
  course path of travel
  coat wear it for warmth
  cote small animal shed
  coax persuade
  cokes more than one soft drink
  cocks more than one male bird
  cox a coxswain
  Cox a variety of eating apple
  coddling tenderly treating
  codling small, unripe apple
  coffer a strongbox; decorative, sunken ceiling panels
  cougher one who coughs
  coin money
  quoin corner stone
  colonel military officer
  kernel seed
  complacence self-satisfaction
  complaisance willingness to please
  complacent self-satified
  complaisant willing to please
  complement allotment
  compliment encomium
  conch marine mollusk
  conk blow to the head
  coo a soft murmuring sound
  coup a successful stroke
  copes gets along with adversity
  copse a stand of trees
  copped swiped
  copt a native Egyptian to a Roman
  cops police officers
  copse a small wood
  core inner part
  corps body
  cosign to sign in addition
  cosine sine of the complement
  council group of leaders
  counsel advisor
  craft a manual occupation
  kraft a strong paper made from wood pulp
  crater impact hole
  krater ancient Greek jar
  Crays more than one supercomputer
  craze sensation needed to buy more than one supercomputer
  creak to squeak
  creek small stream
  crewed served by a crew
  crude coarse
  crewel embroidery yarn
  cruel merciless
  crews more than one crew
  cruise a sea journey
  cue a signal
  Kew home of the famous English gardens
  queue a waiting line (another famous English-ism)
  currant small berry
  current of the present
  curser one who swears
  cursor on-screen positional indicator
  cygnet a young swan
  signet an authenticating seal
  cymbal percussive brass dish
  symbol a representation


  dam holds back water
  damn a curse
  dammed prevented from flowing
  damned cursed
  darn to mend
  darne a fish steak
  days more than one day
  daze to bewilder
  dear beloved
  deer Bambi
  dew morning condensation
  do to perform
  due payable
  die to become dead
  dye coloring agent
  died passed away
  dyed colored
  dies passing away
  dyes colors
  dine to eat
  dyne unit of energy
  dire desperate
  dyer one who dyes
  disc a phonograph record
  disk a round, plate-shaped object
  discreet confidential
  discrete individual
  discussed talked about
  disgust sickening
  do first note of diatonic scale
  doe a female deer
  dough uncooked bread
  doc a physician
  dock where a boat is kept
  does several female deer
  doughs several uncooked breads
  doze to nap
  done completed
  dun demand money
  dos opposite of don’ts
  dues membership payments
  draft a preliminary written version
  draught a gust of wind; depth of water needed to float a ship
  dual two things
  duel a fight between two over honor



e’er, see: air

  e’er, see: air
  earl British nobleman
  URL Internet address
  earn to come to deserve
  urn a jar

effect, see: affect


eh, see: a


eight, see: ate

  elicit to draw out
  illicit unlawful
  elude to escape from
  illude to deceive
  epic a narrative poem or story
  epoch a noteworthy period in history

ere, see: air


err, see: air

  eunuchs men unable to serve all of humanity
  Unix operating system unable to serve all of humanity
  ewe female sheep
  yew a type of tree
  you the second person
  ewes more than one female sheep
  use to apply
  yews more than one yew tree

eye, see: aye

  eyelet small hole for laces
  islet small island


  facts objective things
  fax obsolete, but widespread, image transmission technology
  fain willing
  feign pretend to be affected
  faint pass out
  feint a weak, misdirected attack to confuse the enemy
  fair even-handed
  fare payment
  fairing streamlining
  faring the state of progress
  fairy imaginary magic person
  ferry river-crossing boat
  faker a deceiver
  fakir a Hindu ascetic
  farrow a litter of pigs
  pharoah Egyptian king
  faux fake
  foe enemy
  fay a fairy
  Faye a woman’s name
  fey strange and otherwordly
  fays more than one fairy
  faze to disconcert
  faze to stun
  phase a part of the sequence
  fazed stunned
  phased done in sequential parts
  feat an accomplishment
  feet look down
  ferrate a salt containing iron and oxygen
  ferret a domesticated polecat
  feted celebrated
  fetid stinking
  few not many
  phew expression of relief
  file a folder for holding papers
  phial a small glass bottle
  fills plural of fill
  fils one one-thousandth of an Iraqi dinar
  filter keep the bad stuff from passing through
  philter a love potion
  find to locate
  fined to have to pay a parking ticket
  finish to complete
  Finnish from Finland
  fir evergreen tree
  fur animal hair
  furr to separate with strips of wood
  fisher one who fishes
  fissure a crack
  flair verve
  flare to spread
  flea parasitic insect
  flee to run away
  flecks many tiny specks
  flex to bend
  flew past tense of fly
  flu short for influenza
  flue chimney pipe
  Flo a girl’s name
  floe sheet of floating ice
  flow to glide along
  flocks more than one group of birds
  phlox a scented plant
  floes sheets of floating ice
  flows glides along
  floor what one walks on
  fluor something that glows
  flour powdered grain
  flower a bloom
  for in place of
  fore in front
  four number after three
  forego to precede
  forgo to abstain from
  foreword introduction to a book
  forward the facing direction
  fort a fortification
  forte a person’s strong point
  forth a direction
  fourth following the third
  foul grossly offensive to the senses
  fowl domestic hen or rooster
  frees releasing
  freeze very cold
  frieze a wall decoration
  friar a monk
  fryer small chicken


  gaff a barbed spear
  gaffe a mistake
  gage a pledge or security deposit
  gauge instrument for measuring
  gait a manner of walking or running
  gate fence door
  gaited describing a walking horse
  gated having a gate
  galley ship’s kitchen
  gally to frighten or terrify
  gallop horse’s fastest gait
  galop a round dance
  gays a frisky gathering
  gaze a languid look
  gene a chromosome
  jean cotton twill
  gild to coat with gold
  gilled having gills
  guild a craft society
  gilt gold-plated
  guilt culpable
  gin alcoholic beverage
  jinn plural of jinni, a Muslim spirit or demon
  gnawed chewed
  nod head tilting
  gneiss coarse-grained metamorphic rock of feldspar, quartz and mica
  nice pleasant
  gnu African antelope
  knew past tense of know
  new not old
  gnus several antelope
  news timely information
  gored pierced by an animal’s horns
  gourd fleshy fruit with hard skin
  gorilla large ape
  guerrilla irregular soldier
  grade a slope
  grayed turned gray
  graft to attach
  graphed plotted
  grate a lattice
  great extremely good
  grays more than one shade of black
  graze to eat grass while wandering
  grease lubricant
  Greece Mediterranean country
  greave leg armor
  grieve to mourn
  greaves more than one greave
  grieves to mourn
  grill to sear cook
  grille an iron gate or door
  groan reaction to hearing a pun
  grown has gotten larger
  guessed past tense of guess
  guest a visitor
  guide one who shows the way
  guyed secured with a rope or wire
  guise appearance
  guys Garrison Keillor’s obsession
  gunnel small, eel-shaped marine fish; butterfish
  gunwale upper part of sides of a boat
  gym sports room
  Jim nickname for James


  hail frozen rain
  hale robust health
  hair grows from your head
  hare rabbit
  hairy having much hair
  Harry a man’s name
  harry to harass or hunt
  hall a large room
  haul to carry
  halve break in two
  have to hold in possession
  halves more than one half
  haves those who possess
  hammock rope bed
  hummock low, rounded hill
  hangar garage for airplanes
  hanger from which things hang
  Harold a man’s name
  herald a horn blower
  hart a stag
  heart blood pump
  haut high, as in “haut couture”
  ho an expression of admiration or surprise
  hoe garden tool
  hay grass
  hey a shout
  hays more than one type of hay
  haze atmospheric obscuration due to water or dust
  he’d contraction of “he would”
  heed to pay attention
  he’ll contraction of “he will”
  heal to make well
  he’ll contraction of “he will”
  hill smaller than a mountain
  heal to cure of disease
  heel hind part of foot
  hear to listen
  here at this location
  heard listened to
  herd a group of ruminants
  heigh an exclamation
  hi a greeting
  hie to go quickly
  high way up

heir, see: air

  heroin narcotic
  heroine female hero
  hew to chop
  hue a color
  Hugh a man’s name
  hide animal skin
  hied hurried
  higher farther up
  hire to employ
  him pronoun
  hymn religious song
  hoar a white frost
  whore a prostitute
  hoard a great stash
  horde a great many people
  whored prostituted
  hoarse rough voice
  horse equine
  hoes more than one garden weeding tool
  hose tube for watering garden weeds
  hold to grip
  holed full of holes
  hole round opening
  whole entirety
  holey perforated
  holy with religious significance
  wholly completely
  hostel inexpensive lodging for travelers
  hostile unfriendly
  hour sixty minutes
  our possessed by us
  hours time measurement
  ours belonging to us
  humerus funny bone
  humorous funny



I, see: aye


I’ll, see: aisle

  I’ll, see: aisle
  idle not working
  idol object of worship
  idyl paradise

illicit, see: elicit


illude, see: elude

  in expressing inclusion
  inn hotel
  inc short for incorporated
  ink writing fluid
  incite to provoke
  insight understanding
  innocence a state without guilt
  innocents more than one innocent
  inns hotels
  ins those on the inside

isle, see: aisle


islet, see: eyelet

  it’s contraction of “it is”
  its possessive pronoun


  jam to smash together
  jamb side post of a doorway

jean, see: gene

  jewel precious stone
  joule unit of energy measure

Jim, see: gym


jinn, see: gin

  juggler one who juggles
  jugular artery to head



karat, see: carat


kernel, see: colonel


Kew, see: cue


key, see: cay

  knap crest of a hill; break with a hammer
  nap a short sleep
  knead working bread dough
  need must have

knew, see: gnu

  knickers woman’s underwear
  nickers those who nick
  knight chivalrous man
  night darkness
  knit interlocking loops of yarn
  nit louse egg
  knits verb form of knit
  nits louse eggs
  knob handle
  nob rich person
  knock to rap
  nock a notch in an arrow
  knot fastening in cord
  naught nothing
  not negation
  know to possess knowledge
  no negation
  knows “Only the shadow knows…”
  noes “The noes have it…”
  nose “Plain as the nose on your face…”

kraft, see: craft


krater, see: crater



  lacks does not have
  lax loose discipline
  lain past tense of lay
  lane narrow road
  lam headlong flight
  lamb baby sheep
  lay to recline
  lei a flower necklace
  lays to recline
  laze to recline with extreme prejudice
  leis several flower necklaces
  lea a meadow
  lee downwind
  li about one-third of a mile in China
  leach washing action
  leech sucking parasite
  lead heavy metal
  led guided
  leak accidental escape of liquid
  leek variety of onion
  lean angle of repose
  lien a claim on property
  leas more than one meadow
  lees the dregs
  leased rented
  least the minimum
  lends allows to borrow
  lens convex glass
  lessen to reduce
  lesson a segment of learning
  liar tells falsehoods
  lyre stringed instrument
  lichen a fungus among us
  liken to compare
  lie an untruth
  lye a caustic
  lieu instead
  loo British toilet
  Lou short for Louis
  lightening removing weight or darkness
  lightning static electricity from the sky
  limb tree branch
  limn delineate
  limbs arms or legs
  limns to illuminate, as in a manuscript
  links pieces of chain
  lynx feral cat
  literal taking words in their primary sense
  littoral having to do with the shore
  lo interjection
  low not high
  load cargo
  lode mineral vein
  load what is carried
  lowed a cow mooed
  loan allow to borrow
  lone by itself
  loch a lake
  lock a security device
  lochs more than one lake
  locks more than one security device
  lox salmon jerky
  loon a water fowl
  lune a crescent shape
  loop a circular pattern
  loupe a jeweler’s monocular magnifier
  loos several British toilets
  lose fail to win
  loot ill-gotten gains
  lute stringed instrument
  lumbar lower back
  lumber dimensional wood


  mach speed of sound
  mock parody
  made accomplished
  maid young woman
  mail postal delivery
  male masculine person
  main primary
  mane back hair
  maize corn
  maze puzzle
  mall hallway
  maul shred
  moll gangster’s girlfriend
  manner method
  manor lord’s house
  marc coarse brandy
  mark a sign
  marque a license to privateer; a brand
  marquee a rooflike projection over a theatre entrance
  marquis a nobleman ranking between a duke and a count
  marry to join in matrimony
  merry happy
  marshal to gather
  martial warlike
  massed grouped together
  mast sail pole
  Mays several spring months
  maze a labyrinth
  me myself
  mi musical note
  mean average
  mein manner
  meat animal flesh
  meet to connect
  mete a boundary
  medal an award
  meddle to interfere
  men’s owned by males
  mends to repair
  metal ductile element
  mettle moxie
  mewl to whimper
  mule offspring of female horse and male donkey
  mews stables
  muse creative inspiration
  might possible
  mite tiny creature
  mince chop finely
  mints aromatic candies
  mind thinking unit
  mined looked for ore
  miner one who digs
  minor small
  missal hymn book
  missile projectile
  missed not hit
  mist fog
  misses young ladies
  Mrs. married lady
  moan to groan
  mown the lawn is freshly cut
  moat water around a castle
  mote a speck
  mode condition
  mowed a lawn in a well-trimmed condition
  moiré optical illusion
  moray eel
  mood emotional state
  mooed what the loquacious cow did
  moor swampy coastland; to anchor
  more additional
  moose a large elk
  mousse dessert of whipped cream and eggs
  moral a social imperative
  morel a mushroom
  morn AM
  mourn remember the dead
  morning AM
  mourning remembering the dead
  muscle fibrous, contracting tissue
  mussel a bivalve mollusc
  muscles more than one muscle
  mussels more than one mussel
  mussed made messy
  must required
  mustard spicy yellow sauce
  mustered assembled for roll call



nap, see: knap


naught, see: knot

  naval pertaining to ships and the sea
  navel pertaining to the belly button
  nay no
  neigh a horse’s cry
  nays votes against
  neighs a horse vocalizes
  neap the lowest tide
  neep a turnip

need, see: knead


new, see: gnu


news, see: gnus


nice, see: gneiss


nickers, see: knickers


night, see: knight


nit, see: knit


nits, see: knits


no, see: know


nob, see: knob


nock, see: knock


nod, see: gnawed


noes, see: knows

  none not one
  nun woman of God

nose, see: knows


not, see: knot



  oar boat propulsion system
  or boolean deathtrap
  ore mineral-laden dirt

odd, see: awed


offal, see: aweful

  oh interjection
  owe to be indebted
  ohs more than one letter “O”
  owes in debt
  one singularity
  won victorious
  oohs as in “oohs and ahs”
  ooze slime

oracle, see: auricle


oral, see: aural

  ordinance a decree
  ordnance artillery

ought, see: aught


our, see: hour


ours, see: hours

  overdo carried to excess
  overdue past time for payment


  paced measured by footsteps
  paste thick glue
  packed placed in a container
  pact agreement
  pail bucket
  pale light colored
  pain it hurts
  pane a single panel of glass
  pair a set of two
  pare cutting down
  pear bottom-heavy fruit
  palate taste
  pallet a platform for transporting goods; bed
  pallette a selection of paint
  pall to become wearisome
  Paul barefoot Beatle
  pawl locks a ratchet
  passed approved; moved on
  past before now
  patience being willing to wait
  patients being willing to wait
  pause to hesitate
  paws cat transportation
  pea round, green legume
  pee piss
  peace what hippies want
  piece what hippies want
  peak mountain top
  peek secret look
  pique ruffled pride
  peal ringing sound
  peel fruit wrapping
  pealed rang with sound
  peeled ready to eat
  pearl round, luminescent gem from an oyster
  purl to edge with a chain of small loops
  pearl something of value made from an irritant
  Perl something of value made from an irritant
  pedal foot control
  peddle to sell
  peer an equal (a captain at sea has no peer)
  pier wharf (a captain at sea has no pier)
  pencil writing implement
  pensil thin, swallowtail flag
  per for each
  purr endearing cat hum

pharoah, see: farrow


phase, see: faze


phased, see: fazed


phew, see: few


phew, see: few


phial, see: file


philter, see: filter


phlox, see: flocks

  pi 3.1416
  pie good eating
  picnic outdoor meal
  pyknic physiological type with thick neck, large abdomen and short limbs
  pieced assembled from pieces
  piste a ski run of compacted snow
  pincer claw-like gripping action
  pincher one who pinches
  pinscher terrier
  pistil seed-bearing organ of a flower
  pistol hand gun
  place a location
  plaice a flounder
  plain not fancy
  plane a surface
  plait braid
  plate a dish
  planar flat
  planer one who planes
  pleas crys for help
  please good manners
  pleural related to lungs
  plural more than one
  plum purple fruit
  plumb straight up and down
  polar relating to the North or South poles
  poler one who uses a pole
  Pole a person from Poland
  pole big stick
  poll a voting
  poled a pole was used
  polled lacking horns
  pone the dealer’s opponent in two-handed card games
  pony a small horse
  poor no money
  pore careful study; microscopic hole
  pour to flow freely
  popery a disparaging term for Catholics
  potpourri a miscellaneous collection
  praise to commend
  prays worships God
  preys hunts
  pray worship God
  prey hunt
  precedence priority
  precedents established course of action
  presidents commanders-in-chief
  presence the state of being present
  presents what Santa brings
  pride ego
  pryed opened
  pries wedging open
  prize the reward
  prince son of the King
  prints impressions
  principal head of school
  principle causative force
  profit money earned
  prophet seer
  pros multiple experts
  prose ordinary language
  psi twenty-third letter of Greek alphabet
  sigh sad and weary breath
  xi fourteenth letter of Greek alphabet


  quarts several fourths-of-gallons
  quartz crystalline rock

quay, see: cay


queue, see: cue

  quince small, round fruit
  quints multiple quintuplets

quire, see: choir


quoin, see: coin



  rabbet a groove cut in a board
  rabbit small mammal
  rack shelf
  wrack wreckage
  racket illegal moneymaking scheme
  racquet woven bat for tennis
  rain precipitation
  reign sovereign rule
  rein horse’s steering wheel
  raise elevate
  rays thin beams of light
  raze to tear down completely

“raise” is the antonym of “raze”

  rap a sharp knock
  wrap to encase in cloth
  rapped knocked sharply
  rapt spellbound
  wrapped encased in cloth
  ray arrow of light
  re musical note
  read having knowledge from reading
  red a primary color
  read to get the meaning by looking
  rede advice
  reed tall, thin water plant
  reading what you are doing now
  reeding a small semicylindrical moulding or ornamentation
  reads gets the meaning by looking
  reeds more than one aquatic plant
  real authentic
  reel armature for winding
  recede to move backward
  reseed to plant again
  reck to care
  wreck a ruin
  reek smells bad
  wreak to inflict
  resinate to impregnate with resin
  resonate sympathetic vibration
  resisters protesters
  resistors electrical restrictors
  rest stop working
  wrest take away
  retch call Ralph on the porcelain telephone
  wretch a ragamuffin
  review a general survey or assessment
  revue a series of theatrical sketches or songs
  rheum watery discharge of mucous
  room partitioned space
  rheumy having a watery discharge of mucous
  roomie colloquialism for “roommate”
  roomy lots of space
  rho seventeenth letter of Greek alphabet
  roe fish eggs
  row aisle; pull an oar
  rhumb a constant compass direction
  rum liquor distilled from sugar cane
  rhyme a verse with regular recurrence of sounds
  rime frost
  rigger one who rigs
  rigor discipline
  right correct
  rite ritual
  wright a maker
  write to inscribe
  ring circle around your finger
  wring twisting
  rise to stand up
  ryes varieties of grain
  road a broad trail
  rode past tense of ride
  rowed to propel a boat by oars
  roam to wander
  Rome Italian capital
  roil to make turbid
  royal worthy of a king or queen
  role part to play
  roll rotate
  rood a cross
  rude coarse
  roomer a tenant
  rumor gossip
  root subterranean part of a plant
  route path of travel
  rose pretty flower
  rows linear arrangement
  rot decay
  wrought made
  rote by memory
  wrote has written
  rough coarse
  ruff pleated collar
  rout to force out
  route path of travel
  roux cooked butter and flour
  rue regret
  rude impolite
  rued regretted
  rye grain
  wry twisted


  sachet a small bag containing perfumed powder
  sashay to strut or flounce
  sacks bags
  sax short for saxophone
  sail wind powered water travel
  sale the act of selling
  sane mentally normal
  seine fishing net
  saner more mentally normal than others
  seiner one who fishes with a net
  saver one who saves
  savor to relish a taste
  sawed cut timber
  sod turf
  scene visual location
  seen past tense of saw

scent, see: cent


scents, see: cents

  scull rowing motion
  skull head bone
  sea ocean
  see to look
  seal to close
  seel to close someone’s eyes

sealing, see: ceiling

  seam row of stitches
  seem appears
  seamen sailors
  semen male discharge
  seams more than one rows of stitching
  seems it appears to be
  sear scorched
  seer a person who sees

sear, see: cere

  seas oceans
  sees looks
  seize to grab
  sects religious factions
  sex if you have to ask, you’re too young

seed, see: cede


seeder, see: cedar


seeding, see: ceding

  seek to look for
  Sikh Hindu religious sect

seer, see: cere


sell, see: cell


seller, see: cellar


sense, see: cents


senses, see: census


sensor, see: censer


sent, see: cent


sere, see: cere

  serf slave
  surf breaking waves
  serge strong twilled fabric
  surge forceful push

serial, see: cereal


series, see: Ceres


session, see: cession

  sew needle and thread
  so in the manner shown
  sol musical note
  sow broadcasting seeds
  sewer one who sews
  sower one who sows
  sewer waste drain
  suer one who sues
  shake vibrate
  sheik Arab prince
  shall is allowed
  shell aquatic exoskeleton
  she’ll contraction of “she will”
  shill a decoy
  shear to cut or wrench
  sheer thin; abrupt turn
  shears cuts or wrenches; scissors
  sheers abruptly turns
  sheave pulley
  shiv knife
  shoe footwear
  shoo “go away”
  shoes more than one shoe
  shoos sends away

shoot, see: chute

  sic to set upon
  sick ill
  sics sets upon
  six whole number
  side lateral
  sighed breathed sorrowfully

sigh, see: psi

  sighs multiple sad and weary breaths
  size magnitude

sight, see: cite


sighted, see: cited


sights, see: cites

  sign displayed board bearing information
  sine reciprocal of the cosecant

signet, see: cygnet

  sink to submerge
  synch together in time
  Sioux tribe of native Americans
  sou French coin worth five centimes
  sough soft sound
  sue bring civil action

site, see: cite


sited, see: cited


sites, see: cites

  slay kill
  sleigh snow carriage
  sleight cunning skill
  slight not much
  slew past tense of slay
  slough bog
  slue to swing around
  sloe blackthorn berries
  slow not fast
  soar fly
  sore hurt
  soared to have sailed through the air
  sword long fighting blade
  solace comfort
  soulless lacking a soul
  sole only
  soul immortal part of a person
  some a few
  sum result of addition
  son male child
  sun star
  sonny diminutive for male child
  sunny lit by the sun
  soot black residue of burning
  suit clothes
  sordid squalid
  sorted arranged
  spade shovel
  spayed to sterilize a female animal
  spoor trail of an animal
  spore single cell reproductive body
  staid reserved
  stayed remained
  stair a step
  stare look intently
  stake wooden pole
  steak slice of meat
  statice an astringent herb
  status position with regard to law
  stationary not moving
  stationery writing paper
  steal take unlawfully
  steel iron alloy
  step a measure taken
  steppe a level, grassy, unforested plain
  stile narrow passage
  style mode
  stoop a small porch
  stoup a drinking cup
  storey the horizontal divisions of a building
  story a narrative tale
  straight not crooked
  strait narrow waterway
  succor relief
  sucker one who sucks
  suede split leather
  swayed curved; convinced
  suite ensemble
  sweet sugary
  summary precis
  summery like summer
  sundae ice cream with syrup on it
  Sunday first day of the week

symbol, see: cymbal



  tach short for tachometer
  tack small nail
  tacks small nails
  tax governmental tithe
  tail spinal appendage
  tale story
  tailer one who hauls in on a ship’s line
  tailor one who makes clothes
  taper wedge-shaped
  tapir hoglike, Malaysian mammal
  tare allowance for the weight of packing materials
  tear to rip
  taught past tense of teach
  taut stretched tight
  tea herbal infusion
  tee golfball prop
  ti musical note
  team a group working together
  teem to swarm
  teaming a fortuitous pairing
  teeming a swarming
  tear eyeball lubricant
  tier a horizontal row
  teas more than one herbal infusion
  tease tantalize
  tees more than one tee
  tenner English slang for a ten pound note
  tenor tendency
  tense nervous
  tents more than one temporary shelter
  tern a shorebird
  terne alloy of lead and tin
  turn rotate
  Thai from Thailand
  tie a draw
  the denoting persons already mentioned
  thee objective case of thou
  their belonging to them
  there a place
  they’re contraction of “they are”
  threw to propel by hand
  through from end to end
  throe a spasm of pain
  throw to discharge through the air
  throes spasms of pain
  throws discharging through the air
  throne the royal seat
  thrown was hurled
  thyme herb
  time natures way of keeping everything from happening at once
  tic twitch
  tick small noise; parasitic bug
  ticks the sounds of a clock
  tics more than one twitch
  tide periodic ebb and flow of oceans
  tied passed tense of tie
  tighten to make tighter
  titan a giant
  timber wood for building
  timbre musical quality
  tire round, rubber things on your car
  tyer one who ties
  to toward
  too also
  two a couple
  toad frog
  toed having toes
  towed pulled ahead
  tocsin an alarm
  toxin a poison
  tocsins more than one alarm
  toxins more than one poisons
  toe forepart of the foot
  tow to pull ahead
  told what was spoken
  tolled a bell was rung
  tole lacquered metalware
  toll a tax or charge
  ton 2000 lbs.
  Tun a large cask
  tongue mouth muscle
  tung Chinese tree and its oil (similar to linseed)
  toon cartoon personality
  tune song
  tort a sweet cake for lawyers
  torte a sweet cake for kids
  tough difficult
  tuff a stratified, porous rock
  tracked having tracks
  tract a plot of land
  tray a platter
  trey three; Bill Gates’ nickname
  troop a company of soldiers
  troup a company of actors
  trooper a private soldier
  trouper a staunch colleague
  troopers several soldiers
  troupers multiple actors
  trussed tied up
  trust faith



Unix, see: eunuchs


URL, see: e’er,


urn, see: earn


use, see: ewes



  vain worthless
  vane flat piece moving with the air
  vein blood vessel
  vale valley
  veil gauzy fabric
  vary to change
  very extremely
  verses paragraphs
  versus against
  vial narrow glass container
  vile despicable
  viol stringed instrument
  vice bad habit
  vise bench-mounted clamp



The “W” section is specially dedicated to Lem Bingley.

  WACs members of the Women’s Army Corps
  wax candle stuff
  whacks several blows
  wade walk in shallow water
  weighed weight was measured
  wail a cry
  wale welt; corduroy ridge
  whale large oceanic mammal
  wain a wagon
  wane decrease
  Wayne a man’s name
  waist between ribs and hips
  waste make ill use of
  wait remain in readiness
  weight an amount of heaviness
  waive give up rights
  wave undulating motion
  waiver contract for giving up rights
  waver rocking motion
  Wales Western division of UK
  wales corduroy ridges
  whales a pod of ocean mammals
  walk perambulate
  wok Chinese cooking pan
  walks moves by foot
  woks salient feature of a Chinese kitchen
  want desire
  wont accustomed
  war large scale armed conflict
  wore past tense of wear
  ware merchandise
  wear attire
  where a place
  warn to advise of a hazard
  worn displaying evidence of use
  warrantee one who is protected by a guarantee
  warranty a guarantee
  warship naval implement of destruction
  worship revere in a religious manner
  wary cautious
  wherry light row boat
  way path or direction
  weigh to measure weight
  whey watery part of milk
  we us
  wee very small
  we’d contraction of “we would”
  weed like how our flowers won’t grow
  we’ll contraction of “we will”
  wheel what we keep reinventing
  we’re contraction of “we are”
  weir a low dam, or a fence in a river for catching fish
  we’re contraction of “we are”
  were past tense plural of “to be”
  whir prolonged swish or buzz
  we’ve contraction of “we have”
  weave to make cloth
  weak not strong
  week seven days
  weal a skin welt
  wheel what we in Silicon Valley continually reinvent
  weald a rural area
  wheeled having wheels
  wield to apply or use
  weather meteorological conditions
  wether a castrated ram
  whether if it be the case
  weld to join metal by melting its edges
  welled pouring forth
  wen a benign skin tumor
  when at a specific time
  wet watery
  whet prime
  which selection
  witch broomstick ridin’ crones
  whig supporter of American revolution
  wig false hairpiece
  while during
  wile craft
  whiled passing the time
  wild untamed
  whine annoying cry
  wine fermented grape juice
  whined past tense of whine
  wind what you do to a clockwork
  wined drank well of spirits
  whirled rapidly rotated
  world Earth
  whirred made a whizzing or buzzing sound
  word a speech sound
  whit insignificant amount
  wit cleverness; sense of humor
  whither to which place, point, condition, etc.?
  wither shrivel up
  who’s contraction of “who is”
  whose belonging to whom
  whoa equestrian directive to stop
  woe despair

whole, see: hole


wholly, see: holey


whore, see: hoar


whored, see: hoard

  why how come?
  wye the shape of the letter “Y”

won, see: one

  won’t contraction of “will not”
  wont accustomed
  wood what trees are made of
  would will do
  worst least best
  wurst sausage

wrack, see: rack


wrap, see: rap


wrapped, see: rapped


wreak, see: reek


wreck, see: reck


wrest, see: rest


wretch, see: retch


wright, see: right


wring, see: ring


write, see: right


wrote, see: rote


wrought, see: rot


wry, see: rye




xi, see: psi



  y’all Southern contraction of “you all”
  yawl two-masted sailboat with mizzenmast abaft the tiller
  yack informal talk
  yak long-haired Tibetan ox

yew, see: ewe


yews, see: ewes

  yoke oxen harness
  yolk yellow egg center
  yokes more than one harness
  yolks an omelet
  yore the past
  you’re contraction of “you are”
  your belonging to you

you, see: ewe

  you’ll contraction of “you will”
  yule Christmas



Sets of homonyms: 706


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