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School Life USA

on August 9, 2012

School Life USA

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Korean Student in USA!




To a be a full member of your family, he or she should be given routine chores, such as keeping his/her

room clean and neat – as well as sharing light duties with other members of the family, like washing

dishes or taking out the trash. Students should not be expected, however, to become full-time baby-sitters,

housekeepers, or farm hands

If I am accepted as a participant in the School Life USA Program I agree to obey the following

rules and any other requirements as may be established and published by the program.

Since I will be residing in the home of another family not as a guest, but as a participating

member, I agree to respect the parents in that home as my own, to follow their house rules,

to participate in family customs, to keep my room clean and neat, to respect the personal

property of all family members, and to share in family responsibilities and chores as are asked

of me.

I will not use tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or narcotic drugs; nor will I use foul or

disrespectful language or engage in immorality, violent acts, or other illegal activities.

I will honor my God, my country, and my family in all that I do or say. I have never been

expelled from my school for any of the above.

I will not drive any motorized vehicle for which an operator’s license is required during my stay.

Nor will I hitchhike or ride in any car with an intoxicated driver. I will not travel outside of my

local community without an approved, adult chaperone.

I will not stay home by myself. I will not go without any adult supervision.

I will call my School Life USA counselor, area representative, or the program director with an

problem that I have. I will not take my problems into my school or outside of my host family.

I will try my best to adjust to my host family and community, expecting many differences from

what I am used to. I will not expect the program to move me, unless extensive counseling has

failed to resolve serious problems with my host family.

As a good ambassador of my country I will try to learn and practice local customs and also teach

my hosts some of mine.

I understand that School Life USA prohibits visits from any boy/girl friends or cousins, and that

I may not travel home in mid-year for any reason except death of a family member. I am aware

that contact with other exchange students is to be limited to letters, only. Frequent phone calls

and visit are forbidden.

I am aware that my hosts pay for my room & meals, but I must pay all my own phone bills,

clothing, & entertainment.

I will not borrow or lend money with my host family or friends.

I agree to make my best academic effort at all times, even if I have graduated and don’t need


I understand that if a host family or school should ask me to leave due to my breaking family

trust, violating school rules, academic failure, or disregarding program rules or local laws,

I may be deprived of freedoms, activities, or field trips, required to perform community service,

fined, and/or be dismissed from the program and sent home immediately at my own expense.

The punishment shall be at the School Life USA director’s discretion.

I agree to prepare for this experience by familiarizing myself with the political, economic,

religious, and cultural structure of my country; by acquiring a basic conversational facility in

the host country’s language; by attending School Life USA orientations.

 Korean Student in USA!


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