CIP School in the Phils.


on August 8, 2012

Phrase Definition
uremia The buildup in the blood of substances normally eliminated in the urine.


Phrase Definition
vaccination Inoculation with weakened or dead microorganisms to develop immunity and prevent disease caused by the regular strain of that microorganism.
vaccine A preparation of killed or weakened microorganisms, given to treat or prevent disease.
vagina The muscular canal in women between the vulva and the uterus. It serves as the entry for spermatozoa and as the birth canal.
vaginismus Painful spasm of the vagina.
varicocele Dilated veins in the spermatic cord above or around the testis that can cause decreased sperm production on the affected side.
varicose veins Swollen, distended veins especially visible in the legs.
vas deferens The duct through which sperm travels from the testicle to the urethra of the penis.
vascular Of or having vessels, particularly the blood vessels.
vasculitis Inflammation of the walls of the small blood vessels.
vasectomy Surgical removal or tying of the vas deferens to prevent the passing of sperm. Used as a form of birth control.
vasoconstriction Causing the narrowing or closing (constriction) of blood vessels.
vasodilation Causing the widening or opening (dilation) of blood vessels.
vector An animal that spreads an infectious agent from one host to another. Also called a carrier.
vein A vessel that carries blood from the various parts of the body to the heart.
venom A toxin secreted by an animal.
venous Having to do with a vein.
ventricle 1. Either of the two chambers that contract to pump blood from the heart. 2. Any of several small fluid-filled cavities in the brain.
verruca See wart.
vertebrae The bones that make up the spine.
vertigo A spinning sensation often accompanied by mild to severe nausea.
vesicle 1. A small, sac-like cavity. 2. A blister.
vesicourethral reflux An abnormal condition that allows urine to flow from the bladder back into a ureter.
virus The agent of an infectious disease, smaller than bacteria, that must have a living host in order to grow or reproduce.
viscera The large internal organs.
vision The sense of sight.
vitamin An organic substance found in food and essential in small quantities for good health.
vitiligo A skin condition characterized by sharply defined white patches that contain no skin color (pigment).
vitreous humor The jelly-like material that fills the eyeball between the lens and retina.
vomiting Ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth.
vulva The external parts of the female reproductive tract surrounding the opening to the vagina.

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