CIP School in the Phils.


on August 4, 2012

     Money, money, money…. As an engineer, I was not happy.  But as a Teacher I have taught the most wonderful people of the world.  I have learn as much as I have taught.  As you get older, you will learn that you are teaching and learning everyday of your life.  And to grow in english you must learn new words everyday.  It is a blessing to teach and be friends with so many students. 

     I did not realize that as an engineer I was already learning to be a teacher.  When I was in Saudi Arabia for four years, at nightime I was teaching my young engineers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Philippines.  I was teaching them engineering words. By doing this I was teaching pronunciation and vocabulary.  When I went back to USA, I went to get my teaching certificates then I took a job in China and that was the first time I was paid as a teacher, “but the rewards was worth more than the money I receive”.  They are still my friends in China and always will be. I come to the Philippines to work at CIP and my friends are over two thousand students now.  They are my friends and my students and I miss them all. I wish all of them were at CIP now…

    I hope to reach out for 1 million more…. so please come to CIP > meet me, be my student and friend. WE CAN LEARN THE WORLD TOGETHER!!!…..Image


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