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on August 4, 2012

Using from

July 30, 2012

From indicates the starting point in space.

From can also indicate the beginning of a period.

  • The conference will be held from the 28th of May to the 10th of June.

Note the use of the preposition to. It is wrong to use and or for in this case.

  • She worked from morning to evening. (NOT She worked from morning and evening.) (NOT She worked from morning for evening.)
  • He has been staying away from school.
  • He is away from home.

From can be used to refer to the giver or sender.

  • I have just received a letter from my brother. (= I have just received a letter sent by my brother.)

From can also indicate source or origin

  • He quoted a passage from Shakespeare.
  • Wine is made from grapes.

From can indicate ideas such as escape, separation or release.

  • Stay away from the fire.
  • They fled from the enemy.
  • He has been released from prison.

Cause or motive

From can indicate the cause or motive behind an action or state.

  • He collapsed from weakness.
  • I helped her from a sense of duty.

Distinction or difference

  • Can you distinguish this from that?
  • This is different from that.

From time to time = occasionally

  • You must review your lessons from time to time.

Difference between since and from

Both from and since can be used with the starting points of actions, events or states. Since is usually used with a present perfect or past perfect tense. From is used in other cases.


  • I work from ten to six. (NOT I work since ten to six.)
  • I have been working since 10 am. (NOT I have been working from 10 am.)

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