CIP School in the Phils.


on July 29, 2012



      Contact sites and info:

  2. Tel:050-5806-7066/Skype.ryugaku-news



affect:  to change/a person’s emotions
alternate:  to switch back and forth/the second choice
are:  plural of to be/ 100 square meters
attribute:  a characteristic/to give regard to
bass:  a type of a fish/the low tones of music or an stringed instrument which plays low tones
bow:  a device to shoot an arrow or something tied in a figure 8 pattern/to bend one’s head down or the front of a ship
bowed:  bent/to bend over
buffet:  a blow or be affected by blows/a large sideboard or a self-served meal of various dishes
close:  to be near/to shut
combine:  a farming machine which threshes/to put together
conduct:  one’s behavior/to lead (oops there is another one) such as a symphony
console:  to comfort/the interface for an instrument
content:  to be satisfied/that which is contained within
contest:  to compete in a match of skills/make an argument against something
contract:  an agreement/to shrink or make a deal on a project
convert:  to change one’s belief system/one whose belief system has been changed
converse:  to talk/the opposite
convict:  a prisoner/to find one guilty of a charge
crooked:  sharply curved/a muscle spasm in one’s neck
deliberate:  to carefully consider/to purposely do
desert:  to abandon/an arid or barren area
digest:  to convert food to simpler compounds/to condense a written work
do:  the first tone of the diatonic scale/to accomplish
does:  multiple female deer/to perform
dove:  a bird/to have jumped off
drawer:  one who draws/a boxlike compartment that pushes in and pulls out
drawers:  multiple people who draw/underpants
entrance:  an entryway/to put into a trance
excuse:  to pardon or forgive/an explanation offered to justify or obtain forgiveness
gyro:  short for gyroscope/a type of sandwich with roasted lamb
house:  a dwelling/to provide living quarters
incense:  a burnt aromatic/to make angry
intern:  a physician training after medical school/to confine
intimate:  personal/to hint
invalid:  an ill person/ not valid
laminate:  to make in layers/a composite made of layers
lather:  to make foam/a workman who puts up laths
lead:  to guide/a soft dense metal
live: verb meaning to have life/adjective meaning to have life or being on
lives:  verb meaning to have life/plural noun meaning many with life
micrometer:  one-millionth of a meter/a device used to measure small distances
minute:  small/sixty seconds
moderate:  of medium or average quality/to preside or direct
mow:  to cut down/a type of a gull/a stack of hay
multiply:  to times two numbers/to do in many ways
number:  a mathematical integer like 1, 2, 3,…/to deprive of further feeling
nun:  a female religious/the 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
object:  something perceptible/to dissent
pasty:  medium consistency/a meat pie
pate:  a meat paste/the crown of a head, usually bald/a porcelain paste
perfect:  to make correct/that which is correct
periodic:  occasional or repetitive/an iodine compound
permit:  to allow something to be done/a document giving permission
present:  a gift or that which is happening now/to give a talk or demonstration
primer:  a elementary book/the undercoating done prior to applying paint
produce:  vegetables/to bring forth
project:  to thrust outward/a plan or housing development
pussy:  to be filled with pus/a kitten
putting:  to hit a golf ball on a green/to place in a specific location
raven:  to devour/a large black bird
rebel:  to resist/one who resists
record:  to write down/a list or phonograph disk
recreation:  a leisurely pastime/to remake
refuse:  to deny/garbage
relay:  a race involving multiple individuals/to lay again
reside:  to live in a place/to change a side
resign:  to quit/to sign again
resume:  to restart/a CV or document of experience
row:  a series of objects in a straight line/a fight
sake:  purpose/a Japanese rice drink
secrete:  to generate/to conceal
secreted:  to have generated/to hide out of sight
separate:  to divide up into groups/disunited or a garment
sewer:  one who sews/a conduit for transporting sewage
slough:  a swamp/to shed
sow:  to scatter seeds/an adult female hog
subject:  the theme or topic/to force one’s will onto another
tear:  liquid drops secreted by the eye/to pull apart
wind:  to encircle/moving air
wound:  to have been wrapped in a circular manner/an injury






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