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Free Games to Teach Grammar

on July 14, 2012

Free Games to Teach Grammar


Students tend to retain more of a lesson when it is taught in the form of a game.

Many people of all ages struggle with grammar. Students in elementary school, adults in college and ESL learners all share the same struggles with grammatically correct writing. Luckily, there are easy and interesting games that teach grammar. Games add excitement, competition and motivation to the classroom, and there are many free grammar games from which to choose.



For solo students, or a classroom with computers, there are several websites that offer free grammar games. These games range from teaching adjectives and adverbs, to language structure, to nouns and pronouns and the parts of speech. Some games even teach compound and complex sentences. Better yet, you can find games for all levels and types of learners, from elementary students to English language learners.

  1. Sentence Partners
  • There are plenty of games to play in the classroom, and one is called Sentence Partners. Give each of your students a word written on a notecard. Hand out verbs, subject nouns and other parts of sentences. Have students rush around the classroom trying to make a complete, grammatically correct sentence with their notecards. The first correct sentence wins.
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  1. Sentence Auctions
  • Students enjoy the competitive nature of working in groups.

Split your class into groups and explain the concept of auctions (if you have younger students). Have prepared sentences on large notecards — some correct sentences and some incorrect. Allot each group a set amount of “money,” and tell the groups to bid only on correct sentences. Begin the auction. The group that owns the most correct sentences by the end of the game wins. Teams can earn bonus points at the end by explaining or correcting incorrect sentences.

  1. Grammar Hangman
  • You can use other parts of grammar for this game, as well.

Split students into two groups. This game works exactly like hangman, except that students are not guessing a missing word; they are answering questions about synonyms and antonyms. Give each team a word and have it guess the synonym or antonym for each. If the team is wrong, it gets a body part added to its hangman. Once a full man is drawn, that team loses.


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