CIP School in the Phils.


on July 9, 2012

Dip- to go “bye guys we have to dip”.As if – means yeah right from the movie clueless.

Bling bling– nice jewelry.

Bunk- messed up, crazy.

Cha ching– costly

Crunk- hyped up, excited

Dawg- a friend “what’s up dawg?”

Down – I’m down with that “sounds good to me ”

Eat my shorts- from Bart Simpson of the Simpson’s TV show

That’s Fresh- original nice and cool “that song is fresh”

My bad – your mistake.

Peace out- Bye

Shady- being unfair or not nice.

Sweet- meaning cool “that car is sweet”.

Talk to the hand coz the face isn’t listening- not wanting to hear what someone is saying.

Wangsta- a fake gangsta

What the dillio- saying what the deal is but adding more syllables in deal.

Word- I get it, I agree.

Yo- hello, to greet someone.

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