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Popular 60’s and 70’s Clothes

on June 30, 2012
Mattel collector (Photo credit: jdruschke)

Come to the Philippines and Learn English Well E & G International Language Center was founded on June 26, 2006. Its humble beginnings were braved by six teachers and five students. Since then, that number had grown sporadically. E & G is basically an ESL (English as a Secondary Language) school in Davao City. Its students originate mainly from South Korea and Japan. The students are taught the basics and dynamics of the English language. The school provides air-conditioned dormitory rooms, a dining hall which serves three square meals a day, numerous cubicles for both single and group classes, laundry services, room cleaning services, round-the-clock wifi service, competent office staff, a 24-hour CCTV system and security guard service. Despite the proliferation of various language centers around the country, E & G is an excellent choice by many prospective students. They are especially delighted about the breath-taking location of the school besides the sea fronting infamous Samal Island. The school is comfortably located nearby several huge malls and entertainment centers that provides relaxation for the students whenever they want to unwind. The locality is sprinkled with fast food and take-out counters as well as convenient outlets for immediate needs. The future goal of the school is to be able to bring in more students from South Korea and Japan and provide them with updated English teaching programs and bring it to a level of world-class compatibility. To know more you may visit our site at










Popular 60’s and 70’s Clothes

01. Pacer

02. Bell Bottoms

03. Frisbee

04. men wore hats

05. women dressed up and wore hats

06. women wore a blouse and skirt. Pants suits for women did not become popular till the 70s and later came pants without the matching tops.

07. “Preppies” in the 60s wore: Weejuns, Gant shirts, Villager (the round collar blouse was a must have).

08. No young lady worth the preppie label was seen without her circle pin.

09. blue jeans were simple – blue. But most adults wore slacks – not jeans.

10. kids of about 6 wore the Buster Brown shoe

11. Pre-teen and teenage Girls wore saddle shoes in the early 60s: white shoes with a streak of black…

12. poodle skirt

13. shirts, slacks, tennis, or black or brown lace shoes.

14. guys wore slacks, shirt had to be tucked in

15. Tight pants became popular for guys in the mid sixties; you could barely get them over your ankle. Then fashion went the other way in the late 60s and early 70s with bell bottom pants for both girls and boys.

16. skirts had to go down to the knee-cap. Some girls got away with wearing culottes – kind of like a cross between a skirt and a pair of shorts.

17. penny-loafers

18. tennis shoes – black or white

19. ID bracelets for guys

20. girls wore dad’s long sleeved white shirts after school with jeans.

21. guys had dress shoes with laces and tennis shoes were usually white

22. females, wore flats, low heels, high heels, and tennis shoes…. and penny loafers

23. rubber “overalls” for shoes when it rained and In the winter, boots; big thick, plastic-like boots over our shoes for guys. Girls usually wore boot-shoes

24. Beads for belts

25. sandals, platform shoes (on the left – they had large, thick heels, for both guys and girls – honest!)

26. frilly collars, leather, paisley shirts…

27. Nehru shirts were popular (a thin collar up around the neck, worn without being tucked in; straight at the bottom.

28. wide, colorful ties

29. girls wore knee socks with loafers and short skirts.

30. Guys mostly wore Peace symbols on chains

31. The movie, Saturday Night Fever, is a great example of the type of clothes that were popular.

32. bell bottom pants

33. “leisure suits” (light colors, polyester… remember Cousin Eddie in Nat’l Lampoons Christmas Vacation!)

Popular 60’s and 70’s Cars

60s HOT cars

1968 Firebird/GTO

1956 Dodge Custom Royal

1971 Volkswagon Bug

1961 Chevy Impala

Mid 60s Ford Thunderbirds

70s Hot Cars:

1971 Mach 1 Mustang

1973 Monte Carlo

1969 Ford LTD

1969 Pontiac Firebird

1973 Camaro Z28

1970 Second generation Trans Am

1970 Ford Maverick

Popular 60’s and 70’s Toys 

01. Zip the Chimp- stuffed monkey

02. Broom Tail Horse – a plastic stuffed horse’s head on a broomstick

03. Jumbo, the Bubble-Blowing Elephant –

04. The Lost in Space Roto-Jet Gun –

05. The Game of Life by Milton Bradley

06. The Addams Family Card Game

07. Time Bomb by Milton Bradley

08. Mr Machine

09. Uncle Fester‘s Mystery Light Bulb

10. Cootie

11. Creepy Crawlers by Mattel

12. Mouse Trap game – by Ideal

13. Operation Skill Game by Milton Bradley

14. G I Joe Sea Sled & frogman by Hasbro

15. Easy Bake Oven by Kenner

16. Silly Putty

17. Whee-Lo by Maggie

18. Eloise Rag Doll by American Character

19. Marx Mobile 1950s

20. Creeper Crawlers Thing Maker by Mattel

21. Beany Copter (’61)

22. Addams Family “Thing” Bank (’64)

23. Twiggy Fashion Tote Bag (’67)

24. Battery Operated Batmobile (’66)

25. Get Smart Pen Radio (’66)

26. Mad Magazine Straight Jacket (’64)

27. Bobbing Head Beatles Dolls (’64)

28. Lego'(’62)

29. Spirograph (’68)

30. Etch-A-Sketch (’60)

31. Silly Sand (’66)

32. Super-Stuff (’66)

33. Little Red Spinning Wheel (’61)

34. Kreskin’s ESP game – Milton Bradley

35. Etch a Sketch

36. Schwinn Sting Ray – (banana seats and cissy bars)



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