CIP School in the Phils.

Homophones 05

on June 30, 2012

Word List No. 5

     •  leech (bloodsucker); leach (dissolve or percolate away) 
     •  lesser (smaller); lessor (landlord) 
     •  levy (tax); levee (embankment) 
     •  liable (obligated); libel (defamation
     •  liken (compare); lichen (moss-like plant) 
     •  links (golf course); lynx (feline) 
     •  literal (verbatim); littoral (shore) 
     •  llama (animal); lama (monk) 
     •  load (weight); lode (vein of ore) 
     •  loan (to lend); lone (solitary) 
     •  loop (turn); loupe (magnifying glass
     •  lute (musical instrument); loot (slang for spoils) 
     •  mackintosh (jacket); McIntosh (surname); Macintosh (computer) 
     •  magnet (metal attracter); magnate (influential person) 
     •  magnificent (splendid); munificent (generous) 
     •  mall (promenade); maul (damage)
     •  mannequin (model); manikin (dwarf) 
     •  manner (behavior); manor (estate) 
     •  mantel (shelf); mantle (cloak) 
     •  marshal (officer, place in order); martial (relating to war); Marshall (proper name); marital (pertaining to marriage) 
     •  martin (bird); marten (four-legged animal); Martian (something from Mars
     •  mask (covering); masque (drama) 
     •  material (substance); materiel (equipment) 
     •  maze (labyrinth); maize (corn) 
     •  mean (signify, low, average); mien (demeanor) 
     •  meat (food); meet (to come upon, fitting); mete (dole)
     •  medal (award); meddle (interfere) 
     •  median (midpoint); average (arithmetic mean); normal (usual) 
     •  metal (element); mettle (spirit); meddle (intrude in other people’s affairs)

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1.  There is never “SNOW” in the Philippines.  The students here love it and learn english at the same time.


2.Cheep rate!!!!




4. Native Teachers from Western MEN and WOMEN



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