CIP School in the Phils.

Homophones 03

on June 30, 2012


Word List No. 3

     •  feign (pretend); fain (gladly)
•  fete (to honor); feat (deed, exploit)
•  fir (tree); fur (animal pelt)
•  flair (knack); flare (torch)
•  flea (insect); flee (run away)
•  floe (ice mass); flow (run freely)
•  flu (influenza); flue (pipe); flew (took wing)
•  forbear (refrain); forebear (ancestor)
•  formally (in a formal manner); formerly (once)
•  forth (forward); fourth (ordinal number)
•  forward (in front, impudent, progressive); foreword (introductory note in a book)
•  foul (offensive); fowl (bird)
•  frank (candid); franc (money)
•  freeze (make cold); frieze (ornament)
•  friar (priest); fryer (chicken)
•  gaff (hook); gaffe (error)
•  gait (motion); gate (opening)
•  gauge (scale, measuring device); gage (pledge)
•  gel (jelly); jell (harden, set)
•  genius (gifted person); genus (classification)
•  gild (cover with gold); guild (association)
•  gilt (gilded); guilt (culpability)
•  gist (essence); jest (joke)
•  glacier (ice); glazier (glassworker)
•  gnaw (chew); naw (“no way,” in Dixie .)
•  gorilla (primate); guerrilla (soldier)
•  groan (moan); grown (adult)
•  guarantee (to secure); guaranty (a pledge)
•  hair (what grows from a follicle); hare (rabbit)
•  handsome (good looking); hansom (carriage)Come and study English in the USA



1.  There is never “SNOW” in the Philippines.  The students here love it and learn english at the same time.


2.Cheep rate!!!!




4. Native Teachers from Western MEN and WOMEN


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