CIP School in the Phils.

Homophones 02

on June 30, 2012

Word List No. 2

     •  chaste (what the pure are); chased (what the impure are) 
     •  chic (stylish); sheik (leader) 
     •  cite (to quote); site (location); sight (see, view, spectacle) 
     •  confident (assured); confidant (friend) 
     •  degree:  A level attained; one earns a degree but receives a diploma.  It’s wrong, therefore, to call a degree his or hers, because degree ownership doesn’t pass to holders. 
     •  deprivation (loss); depravation (corruption) 
     •  desperate (hopeless); disparate (distinctly dissimilar) 
     •  destroy means eliminate or demolish.  “Completely destroy” is therefore an unnecessary, superfluous, redundancy. 
     •  dilemma (a choice between two equally bad options); Hobson’s choice (forced choice where no real alternative exists) 
     •  disperse (scatter); disburse (pay) 
     •  doubtful usually means skeptical or suspicious; avoid using it to mean unlikely or uncertain, as in doubtful starter. (See sportuguese.) 
     •  dual (double); duel (fight) 
     •  ecology (relationships between organisms and their environment); environment (all conditions surrounding an organism) 
     •  either (one or the other); each (every one of a group). Either is commonly misused when the writer means each or both. WRONG: Sentries stood on either side of the gate. 
     •  elicit (draw out); illicit (illegal) 
     •  elude (to avoid); allude (indirectly refer to) 
     •  epic (long narrative poem); epoch (start of an era) 
     •  exceed (surpass); accede (agree) 
     •  excess (surplus); access (entrance) 
     •  extant (existing); extent (size) 
     •  faint (dim, dizzy, weak); feint (pretense, false movement) 
     •  fair (just, lovely, market); fare (charge, get along, menu) 
     •  faze (disconcert); phase (stage)

Come and study English in the Philippines

by Teacher Alvin



1.  There is never “SNOW” in the Philippines.  The students here love it and learn english at the same time.


2.Cheep rate!!!!




4. Native Teachers from Western MEN and WOMEN


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