CIP School in the Phils.

Homophones 01

on June 30, 2012

Word List No. 1

     •  adapt (adjust to); adept (skilled); adopt (take as one’s own)
•  advice (guidance); advise (to give guidance)
•  aerie (nest); airy (breezy); eerie (spooky)
•  aid (help); aide (assistant)
•  aisle (passage); isle (island); I’ll (you’re really in the wrong field if you confuse this one)
•  alley (passageway); ally (friend)
•  all ready (prepared); already (previously)
•  allusion (indirect reference); illusion (misperception)
•  Apparent usually means obvious; avoid using it to mean likely or probably, as in apparent heart attack.  (See doubtful.)
•  appraise (to set a value on); apprise (to inform)
•  arc (curve); ark (boat)
•  ascent (upward slope); assent (agreement)
•  assay (to analyze); essay (to attempt)
•  bring (carry toward); take (carry away)
•  auger (a tool); augur (to predict)
•  bail (money; to empty); bale (bundle)
•  breach (violation); breech (buttocks)
•  bazaar (marketplace); bizarre (weird)
•  bloc (coalition or common group); block (all other meanings)
•  born (came to life); borne (carried)
•  borough (town); burro (donkey); burrow (hole)
•  bouillon (soup); bullion (metal)
•  braise (to cook); braze (to solder)
•  broach (to begin); brooch (pin)
•  cannon (gun); canon (law)
•  caster (wheel); castor (oil)
•  censor (examiner); censer (vessel); censure (blame) Come and study English in the Philippinesby Teacher Alvin on June 29, 2012

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1.  There is never “SNOW” in the Philippines.  The students here love it and learn english at the same time.

2.Cheep rate!!!!


4. Native Teachers from Western MEN and WOMEN


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