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Most Common English Words

on June 28, 2012
Experimental Group Voice singer

Experimental Group Voice singer (Photo credit: yugenro)

English Vocabulary | Most Common English Words | English-English

able : capable, competent; talented
abnormal : unusual, not normal; irregular, exceptional
absent : stay away, withdraw oneself not present; preoccupied, lost in thought
absolute : something definite, something absolute complete, perfect; pure; unlimited; definite, positive; not relative
abstract : summary, synopsis; essence; something that is not concrete, something that is abstract remove, take away; steal; theorize, conceptualize; summarize, simplify intangible, unconnected to concrete reality; theoretical, not practical; unconnected to a specific instance or example; difficult to understand
abundant : plentiful, copious, profuse; full, abounding with
academic : one who has scholarly leanings; member of an academic institution, professor learned, educated; scholastic; theoretical; of learning or academia
acceptable : satisfactory, worthy of acceptance; admissible, suitable; bearable, tolerable
accessible : approachable; easily obtainable; easy to relate to; persuadable, easy to influence
accurate : precise, exact
active : active voice, verb in the active voice (Grammar) energetic, busy, constantly moving, lively; functioning; of or pertaining to the active voice, indicating that the action is performed by the subject of the verb (Grammar)
acute : grave, serious, severe; keen, sharp, sensitive; penetrating, shrewd; less than 90 degrees (Geometry); pointed
addicted : devoted to a certain habit, dependent upon
adequate : sufficient, suitable; barely passable, tolerable
aesthetic : of or pertaining to appreciation of the beautiful; showing a refined sense of taste
afraid : fearful; frightened
aggressive : hostile; bold, assertive; forceful
agile : nimble, graceful; quick, fast; lively
agricultural : pertaining to farming
alert : attitude of readiness; warning; alarm warn; put on standby; alarm ready; attentive; quick, agile
alive : living; active; attentive
aloof : standoffish, unfriendly, distant, reserved, indifferent at a distance; in a withdrawn manner
amber : fossilized pine tree resin; yellowish brown color
ambiguous : open to dispute, having many possible interpretations; obscure, vague
ambitious : aspiring, desirous of success ; requiring great effort
ample : much, plenty; large; spacious
angry : furious; seething; gloomy; inflamed
annual : plant which lives for a single year occurring once a year
anonymous : nameless, of an unknown person
applied : practical, functional, useable; put to use; put into practice
appropriate : set aside, allot; take without permission suitable; fitting, proper
arbitrary : wanton, reckless; uncontrolled, unrestricted; unreasonable, unsupported
archaeological : pertaining to archaeology, pertaining to the study of ancient cultures through their artifacts
arrogant : conceited, haughty, proud
artificial : not genuine, simulated
artistic : aesthetic, meeting the standards of art
ashamed : embarrassed; troubled by guilty feelings
asleep : sleeping, dozing, napping
assertive : forceful, aggressive
astonishing : surprising, shocking; astounding, causing wonder and amazement
attractive : interesting, fascinating, charming
automatic : automatic rifle, automatic pistol, automatic gun; machine which operates automatically operating by itself; unintentional
available : ready for use; attainable; unoccupied; valid
awake : wake, arouse (someone); be woken up, be aroused (i.e. from sleep) alert, not sleeping
aware : attentive; conscious of
awful : dreadful, inspiring fear; impressive, inspiring awe
awkward : embarrassing; clumsy; inconvenient
bad : (Canadian and U.S. Slang) good; excellent, great, wonderful wickedness; evil; that which is below expectations, that which is below standard or harmful; inferior; serious, grave, acute; pernicious, damaging, harmful (e.g.: smoking is bad for the health); defective, not working properly; rotten, decayed, spoiled (such as bad meat) badly, poorly
balanced : stable, having equal distribution of weight
bald : hairless; bare, exposed; unadorned
bare : uncover, expose; strip naked exposed, uncovered; naked; reduced; hardly
basic : BASIC programming language, one of the simplest high-level programming languages (Computers) fundamental; of or pertaining to a base, containing a base (Chemistry)
beautiful : pretty, fair; handsome, good-looking
bitter : make bitter (British) dark beer, alcoholic beverage; sour quality; bitterness having a strong unpleasant taste, having an acrid taste; cruel, harsh; resentful, having a feeling of ill will, indignant, angry; very cold
black : color black, color that absorbs but does not reflect light; member of an ethnic group having brown to black skin and hair; African American; something colored black; black clothes make black, color black; polish with a black substance (of shoes, etc.); boycott a business or product (British) of the color black; of or pertaining to an ethnic group having brown to black skin and hair; dark; without light; dirty; evil; gloomy; drunk without cream or milk (of coffee, etc.); boycott (British)
bland : pleasant, gentle, kind; superficial; apathetic; boring
blank : empty space; empty form; empty line (to be filled in); space character empty; lacking expression erase, make blank; block, prevent entrance
blind : shade, shutter (over a window); shelter, hiding place (for hunters); something that misleads make unable to see; dazzle unable to see; closed to, impervious to
blonde : woman who has light-colored hair fair, light in color
bloody : extremely, in an emphasized manner (British) covered with blood, stained with blood; damned, cursed (British) cover with blood, mark with blood
bold : (Computers, Printing) thick heavy print used for emphasis; font or type style with thick strokes brave, courageous, daring; forward, blunt; rude; in boldface
brave : American Indian warrior defy; face with courage; endure with courage courageous; handsome
broken : smashed into pieces, crushed, no longer in working order
brown : large Ivy League university located in Providence (Rhode Island, USA) family name color brown; suntan; half penny (coin) make brown, make golden; fry, saute having a brown coloring; suntanned; thoughtful, pensive
bureaucratic : pertaining to a bureaucracy
busy : occupy oneself occupied, engaged; taken, in use
capable : skilled, able, proficient
careful : cautious; particular, painstaking; meticulous
cautious : careful, wary
central : telephone exchange, operator; central bureau which controls other offices main, principal; in or of the center
certain : sure, definite; particular, specific
characteristic : distinguishing quality; trait, attribute typical; distinctive
charismatic : having a magnetic personality, having leadership ability
cheap : inexpensive, costing little money inexpensively
cheerful : happy, glad, joyful
childish : youthful, juvenile, of childhood; immature, childlike; infantile
chronic : lingering, lasting (as of an illness); constant
civic : pertaining to citizenship; pertaining to citizens; pertaining to a city
civilian : ordinary citizen; person who is not in the military of or pertaining to civilians; not military
classical : excellent; timeless; traditional; serving as a model (in art and literature); of or pertaining to Greek and Roman antiquities
clean : washing, removing dirt wash, remove dirt; wash oneself free from dirt; permissible, legal; smooth; simple; innocent cleanly; completely
clear : clarify, purify; explain; remove objects from a surface or area; exonerate; clean, wash; pass without touching; approve; gain in profit; be clarified pure, free of impurities; obvious, evident; easy to understand, comprehensible; open; empty clearly, obviously, plainly; completely, entirely deletion; act of unmarking, removal of a mark from a check box (Computers)
close : end, conclusion; act of closing; enclosed area; plug shut; be shut; finish, complete near, adjacent; intimate; careful; oppressive; secretive; stingy; dense, compact; tight-fitting; crowded nearby, close by; closely
closed : shut; exclusive, restricted; independent; not open to the public; not open to new ideas; concluded
cold : low temperature, chill, frigidity; respiratory illness (characterized by coughing, sneezing, sore throat, etc.) chilly, cool, not warm; not affectionate, unfriendly; depressing; unconscious (Slang) (Computers) storage of data on optical discs (i.e. CD-ROMs)
colorful : full of color, multicolored; not predictable, not regular; picturesque; exciting and interesting; characterized by profane words or curses (also colourful)
comfortable : easy; relaxing; bringing comfort; financially well to do
commercial : pertaining to buying and selling, pertaining to business television or radio advertisement
common : open public area in a city or town, park, square (also commons) shared, belonging to more than one; ordinary; usual, frequent; public; mediocre, of the masses
comparable : similar, able to be compared
compatible : piece of equipment which can be used with other machines without alteration; device which can be used on or with other computers without being changed (Computers) capable of existing together in harmony; congruous; able to be used with other machines without alteration; able to be used on or with other computers without being changed (Computers)
competent : capable, fit, suitably skilled, well qualified
competitive : involving competition; tending to compete, desiring competition
complete : make whole, perfect; finish whole, perfect; finished
complex : compound, various objects that form a whole; interconnected group (of objects, buildings, etc.); obsessive feeling; repressed feelings or concepts that lead to exceptional mental condition or behavior composite, made up of interconnected parts; complicated
comprehensive : extensive, including much, large in scope; having a thorough understanding of a subject or subjects
concrete : stonelike building material (containing cement, gravel, water, etc.); something tangible (idea, object, etc.) solidify; set or cover in concrete tangible, real, substantial
confident : certain; sure of oneself
conscious : aware; awake
conservative : person who is resistant to change; cautious person resisting change, desiring to preserve traditions; cautious
considerable : important; sizable, substantial
consistent : firm, coherent; steadfast
constant : number with a fixed value (Mathematics) continuous; firm, steadfast, unmoving; faithful
constitutional : walk taken to improve one’s health according to a constitution; pertaining to a constitution
constructive : helpful, useful, promoting development; of construction
content : contentment, satisfaction satisfy; be satisfied satisfied, pleased substance; component, contents, all that is inside (of something)
continental : resident of Europe, native European; soldier in the Continental Army (during the American Revolution) of or pertaining to Europe or Europeans; of the 13 original American colonies (during the time of the American Revolution) of or pertaining to a continent
continuous : uninterrupted, unbroken; successive
controversial : disputable, debatable, tending to cause differences of opinion
convenient : serviceable; comfortable; useful
conventional : customary, routine; formal
cool : coldness; poise, composure chill, make slightly cold; be chilled, become slightly cold; calm, soothe slightly cold; indifferent, uncaring, aloof; composed, deliberate; great, terrific (Slang)
cooperative : coop, collective, collectively owned and operated business willing to work together; pertaining to a collectively owned and operated business, jointly run
corporate : incorporated; common, shared, collective; of or pertaining to a corporation
critical : judgmental; important, crucial
crude : raw; unrefined; rude
cruel : heartless, unkind
cultural : civilized, refined; pertaining to culture
curious : inquisitive, desiring to know and understand anything; odd, strange; rare
current : flow (of water, electricity, etc.); process; tendency; direction common, prevalent; present, recent; popular
cute : adorable, charming; clever
daily : family name daily newspaper; servant who works daily occurring every day day by day, every day
dangerous : risky, not safe, perilous
dark : lack of light, gloom, darkness; black color lacking light; deep, not pale; black, murky; vague, foggy, unclear
dead : time when there is no life; dead person or persons not living; lacking perception; without any physical sensation to pain; inactive; feeble, subdued; absolute, definite; (Slang) very tired; exhausted; quiet (as in “business is dead today”); that does not yield a return totally; suddenly; absolutely; certainly; (Slang) extremely, very (e.g., “Our vacation in the Bahamas was dead good”)
deadly : fatal, causing death; (Slang) cool; extraordinary; fantastic (as in: “a deadly outfit”) in a deathly manner; extremely, completely
deaf : one who cannot hear; deaf people collectively unable to hear; unwilling to hear, heedless
decisive : conclusive; decided; final
decorative : ornamental; beautifying
deep : depths of the ocean, very deep part of a body of water; abyss; middle, center having a great depth, extending far below the surface; reaching far into space; profound, difficult to fathom; low-pitched; dark (as of a color) into the depths, far below the surface
definite : clear, decisive; limited; specific
delicate : fragile, easily broken; sensitive
democratic : pertaining to a democracy (government run by the people of the country); pertaining to democratic principles (equal rights and privileges)
dependent : one who depends on another for financial or emotional support (especially a child or minor) relying on, needing (the help or support of another); conditional, contingent
desirable : worthwhile, worth having; sexually attractive, appealing in a sexual manner; who arouses sexual desire
different : not the same; disparate; unusual, distinctive; not familiar, unknown; various, assorted
difficult : hard, troublesome, causing difficulty
digital : of or pertaining to digit; of or pertaining to finger; looking like a digit or finger; using numbers, with numbers
diplomatic : tactful, experienced in diplomacy
direct : guide, lead, instruct; manage; command; supervise, produce (a play, movie, etc.) straight, forthright; clear directly, clearly; in a forthright manner
dirty : soil, stain, sully; become soiled or dirty soiled, unclean; sordid, vile; obscene; unpleasant; hostile; stormy (weather)
discreet : careful in one’s speech, respectful of other’s privacy, circumspect; unobtrusive, modest
distant : remote, far off, far apart; reserved, aloof, unfriendly
distinct : clear, plain; different; separate
domestic : housemaid, servant, housekeeper; (Australian & British) violent argument with family members pertaining to home, pertaining to family; relating to the internal affairs of a country; of or pertaining to an implied country; within a country; loving home and family; tame (about an animal)
dominant : fifth note of the scale (Music) controlling, commanding
dramatic : written as a drama, having the base of drama; emotional, surprising, containing conflict
dry : wipe dry, make dry; become dry not wet; thirsty; lacking rain; withered, parched; not giving milk (of animals); not near water; not sweet (of wine); against alcohol or the sale of alcohol (in the USA during prohibition)
due : something which is owed to a person; something which legally or rightfully belongs to an individual; payment, fee owed, payable; right; fitting, suitable; adequate; should arrive at a specific time; scheduled to give birth
dull : blunt, lessen, moderate, dim, cloud boring; blunt, not sharp; gloomy, somber; stupid, not intelligent; not shiny
dynamic : forceful, energetic, vigorous, spirited
eager : strongly desiring, keen, fervently interested
early : before the scheduled time ahead of time, before the scheduled time; as soon as possible
easy : mild, slight; comfortable, facile; worry-free comfortably, without great difficulty or effort
economic : pertaining to the management of goods and services; of the science of economics
educational : pertaining to education, instructive, used in the educational process
effective : productive, efficient; in operation; impressive, striking
efficient : effective, done without waste (of time, resources, etc.)
electronic : of or pertaining to electronics; of or pertaining to electrons; done using a computer over a network
elegant : refined, tasteful; graceful; luxurious
eligible : suitable, worthy of, qualified
articulate : speaking fluently, eloquent; expressed using clear and distinct syllables; able to speak; composed of several distinct parts or segments; arranged into a unified whole; made distinct, clearly marked member of the Articulata, animal belonging to a subdivision of animals whose bodies and limbs are composed of segments jointed together (Zoology) express in an articulate manner
emotional : full of feeling, passionate, sentimental
empirical : learned through observation, capable of being verified or disproved through experiments and experience
empty : remove the contents of, make empty containing nothing; without people; hollow, meaningless container devoid of contents
encouraging : heartening, providing support and incentive
enjoyable : pleasing, delightful, gratifying, giving pleasure
enthusiastic : excited, zealous, intensely interested
environmental : pertaining to the environment
equal : match, correspond; resemble, be similar to same, identical; able, capable person or thing that is equal, person or thing that is the same
essential : necessary, needed, fundamental, impossible to live without
established : based, founded, firmly settled; recognized, accepted
eternal : everlasting, without end
ethical : moral, pertaining to values and principles
ethnic : of different racial and social groups; of people from different countries
even : become even; make even; make level, smooth; balance smooth, straight, level; parallel; equal; uniform; consistent; calm, not easily excited or angered; fair; divisible by two, able to be divided exactly by two (Mathematics) yet, still
exact : demand, require, insist upon; force precise; meticulous, extremely accurate
excited : aroused, stirred up, provoked, stimulated
exciting : thrilling, stirring, provoking, causing excitement
exclusive : tending to exclude, shutting out all others; sole, limited to a select few; incompatible; fashionable; expensive news story publicized in only one newspaper or television/radio station
exotic : foreign; unusual, out of the ordinary
expected : anticipated, awaited, foreseen, looked forward to, hoped for
expensive : costly, precious
experienced : practiced, seasoned, having had much experience in a particular field or in life
experimental : of or pertaining to an experiment, empirical, speculative, exploratory
explicit : clear, described in detail, leaving nothing to the imagination
express : system for prompt transportation of people or parcels; dispatch conveyed by special messenger; messenger sent on special errand (British) declare, say; send quickly; squeeze, extract explicit, clear; exact, precise; quickly
external : outer part; exterior, outside exterior, outer; outside
extinct : nonexistent; vanished, dead
extraordinary : out of the ordinary, unusual
fair : festival, market, bazaar; exhibition, show just, equitable; reasonable; average; handsome; light colored; comfortable; clean, clear justly, equitably; directly; completely, really (Slang)
faithful : loyal believers, loyal religious followers loyal, devoted; accurate; true to the source, credible
false : not true; counterfeit; deceitful; wrong; artificial; not faithful
familiar : good friend, acquaintance; member of the household of a pope or bishop; officer of the Inquisition; demon or evil spirit who comes when summoned ordinary, common; skilled; close, intimate; well-known; informal; tame; domestic (Archaic)
far : distant; remote distantly; from afar; considerably; very
fashionable : stylish, modish, trendy; accepted, conventional
fast : act of abstaining from eating; period during which one abstains from eating abstain from eating rapid; hurried; fixed, secure; strong; stable; hedonistic, uninhibited rapidly, quickly; with strength, powerfully; tightly, securely
fastidious : hard to please, critical; choosy; overly refined; painstaking, paying immense attention to minute details
fat : area of a disk in which the location of each file is recorded (Computers) oily substance present in the bodies of animals and in some plants fatten, make fat; gain weight, become fat overweight; containing fat; thick; sleek; rich; fertile; good (Slang)
favorable : positive, approving; likable; helpful, encouraging; promising; desirable (also favourable)
federal : of or pertaining to a form of government in which separate states unite under a central authority while retaining limited powers of government; of or pertaining to a central authority in a federation federal agent or officer; Federalist; supporter of federation or federalism; member of the Union during the Civil War (U.S. History)
feminine : (Grammar) female gender; word which marks the female gender of the female sex; characteristic of a woman or women
financial : of money matters, of finance
fine : monetary penalty, punishment which involves the payment of a specified sum of money punish with a fine, impose a tax upon; refine, purify; become fine or finer; make thin or thinner, reduce; clarify delicate; thin; flimsy; handsome; top-quality; excellent; sharp; sharpened; refined; purified; elegant very well; excellently
finished : done, completed; terminated; brought to an end; polished; excellent, perfect; destroyed; defeated
first : person or thing which is first; beginning; first gear, low gear; first place (in a race or competition); highest grade in an examination; one who received this grade (British) being ahead of all others; initial, beginning initially; at the beginning; previously; for the first time; foremost, before all else
flat : level surface; level area of land; tone one half step lower than another (Music); apartment (British) having a planar surface; deflated (about a tire); absolute; lying down, horizontal; spread out; tasteless; monotonous, dull; mat, not shiny; having a tone one half step lower (Music) levelly, evenly; certainly, absolutely; exactly; below the proper pitch (Music); without interest
flawed : defective, imperfect, cracked
flexible : elastic, easily bent, pliable
foolish : stupid, silly; nonsensical, idiotic
formal : occasion which requires fancy dress (dance, ball, etc.); evening gown ceremonious; conventional; according to custom; stiff; strict; symmetrical; requiring fancy dress
forward : player positioned at the front of the offensive line (Sports) send, convey; promote; advance; resend an email message that has been received (Computers) toward the front; advanced; ahead; eager, ready; impudent, brash; frontal; futuristic, of the future, progressive toward the front; ahead; to the front
fragrant : scented, perfumed, aromatic, sweet-smelling; pleasant, enjoyable
frank : member of an ancient Germanic people who conquered Gaul and established France male first name (form of Francis or Franklin); family name; Anne Frank (1929-1945), young German Jewish girl who kept a diary while she and her family were hiding from the Nazis in Holland (she was eventually captured and died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp) mark or signature which allows a letter or package to be sent free of charge; right to affix such a mark; letter or package which has such a mark apply a mark or signature which allows a letter or package to be delivered without charge; grant the right to apply such a mark; deliver without charge honest, sincere, straightforward
free : release, liberate; exempt; remove something which restricts or confines; loosen, disentangle, clear away liberated; released; possessing liberty; available; exempt; not busy; that costs nothing, without charge; gratuitous, given at no charge; plentiful; unrestrained; spontaneous, without reserve in speaking to other people; not exact, not literal at no charge; freely, in a free manner people who are free
frequent : visit frequently, patronize, go regularly to (a certain place) happening often; regular; common, usual
fresh : young; invigorated; not stale, not spoiled, still good to be eaten ; newly arrived, inexperienced; new; newly made (i.e. fresh cup of coffee); not salty (water); pure, clean (i.e. air); (Meteorology) cool, (of wind) blowing strong; (of a cow) that recently gave birth to a calf; bold, saucy, impertinent (Slang); aware of the facts, up-to-date (Slang); marvelous, wonderful (Slang) very recently; newly fresh period of the day, cool period; early part make fresh; become fresh
friendly : kindly, welcoming, cordial, amicable, like a friend; affectionate and trusting; like a friend; (Computer) user-friendly, easy to use in a friendly manner, like friend person who displays no enmity
frozen : chilled until solid; cold, chilly; covered in ice; made cold until solid
full : clean and thicken fabric during the manufacturing process; make fuller (clothing) holding its complete capacity; complete; abundant; well-stocked; satiated (i.e. hunger); large; engrossed, occupied straight, directly; very; completely, entirely quality of being full, completeness
functional : having a purpose; useful, practical; working, functioning
funny : amusing story, amusing remark causing laughter, amusing; strange; suspicious; ridiculous; joking
general : high ranking military officer inclusive, of all things
generous : benevolent, giving, unselfish; abundant, plentiful, ample
genetic : of or pertaining to genetics, of or relating to genes; hereditary, familial
genuine : original; real, true; natural; honest, sincere
geological : of or pertaining to geology, of or pertaining to the study of the history and development of the Earth’s crust
glad : happy; pleased; gladdening gladiolus, plant of the iris family having colorful flowers and sword-shaped leaves
glorious : magnificent, dazzling, marvelous; exalted, illustrious
good : benefit, asset; something positive; virtue, decency, honor excellent; pleasant; pleasurable; decent; valid; well-behaved; in fine condition; competent, skilled; positive; having admirable moral values nice, excellent, of high quality
gradual : little by little, progressive
grand : grand piano; one thousand dollars (Slang) large, impressive; dignified; fancy, magnificent, splendid, wonderful; chief, main
graphic : diagrammatic, of diagrams; illustrative, pictorial, described vividly, explicit; pertaining to writing
grateful : thankful, appreciative; expressing thanks
great : large; important; much; huge; immense; wonderful
green : color green; piece of grassy public land near or in a village; grassy area, lawn; color of grass; putting green (Golf); secondary color that is formed by the mixing blue and yellow pigments (Art); paper money of the color green; full of greenery, covered with greenery; grassy; raw, uncooked; immature; unripe; novice, inexperienced; vibrant, vigorous; sickly; promoting or encouraging environmental protection; produced in an environmental friendly manner; envious, covetous, jealous become green; turn green; become conscious of environmental problems; make a home or a business, community environmentally friendly
gregarious : living in flocks or groups (of animals); growing in a cluster or colony (of plants); outgoing, sociable
handy : useful; convenient; close; skilled
happy : glad, pleased; cheerful, characterized by joyfulness; well-timed, appropriate; fortunate; typified by a dazed or obsessive manner (used in combination: i.e. trigger-happy)
hard : rigid, stiff; difficult strenuously, with great effort; to the full extent; intently; to the extreme limit
harmful : injurious, causing damage
harsh : rough, coarse; unpleasant (to taste, hear or see); cruel criticize in a negative manner
healthy : well, not sick, sound, in good health
heavy : difficult to lift; having a great weight; very large, massive; grave, serious; deep, profound heavily; with weight; oppressively; slowly, ponderously villainous character, antagonist (Theater); influential person (Slang)
helpful : useful, beneficial
helpless : unable to help oneself, weak, powerless
high : high point, highest point; high gear (in an automobile); high pressure system (Meteorology); state of euphoria produced by drugs or alcohol (Slang); state of great excitement, high spirits tall, lofty, elevated; expensive, costly; excited, elated; high-pitched; strong, powerful; important, serious; exalted, superior; under the influence of drugs, intoxicated (Slang) upward, to a higher altitude; to a high degree; extravagantly
hilarious : merry, jolly, cheerful; very funny, amusing
historical : of or pertaining to history; from the past, connected to the past; important, consequential
holy : sacred place, sanctuary; saintly person; something sacred sacred, consecrated; divine; devoted to the service of God or religion; saintly, godly
homosexual : one who is sexually attracted to members of the same sex relating to or characterized by sexual attraction to members of the same sex
honest : truthful, frank, candid
honorable : one who is honest or principled; one who holds the title of Honorable (title of respect given to certain high-ranking officials; British courtesy title given to the children of peers below the rank of Marquis) deserving of respect and admiration; trustworthy, reliable, upright, principled (also honourable)
horizontal : something which is parallel to level ground parallel to the horizon, flat, level
hostile : unfriendly, antagonistic
hot : very warm; spicy; that causes discussion, that causes controversy (such as a “hot topic”); fresh; (of colors) very bright, intense (as a “hot pink dress”); exciting, new; violent; zealous (about music etc.); (Slang) angry, furious (e.g.: “Watch out, the boss is hot”); (Slang) stolen (e.g.: “Tom has got some hot DVD machines”); (Slang) physically attractive with excitement, enthusiastically
huge : very big, enormous, gigantic
human : of human beings, of people; by people, for human beings, like people person, human being
hungry : needing to eat, feeling a desire to eat; longing, yearning
ignorant : illiterate, lacking knowledge, uneducated; uninformed, unaware; (in the Caribbean) quarrelsome, tending to fight, argumentative, contentious ignoramus, ignorant uneducated personE & G English school, which is located on the waterfront in Davao was named the safest city in the Philippines realize cheap rates reasonably, to reduce the cost study abroad you can. I am a complete environment of optimum excellent teachers, and friendly staff. It offers a curriculum that is customized for improvement of ability of individual students in particular, for this reason, it offers small group lessons of 4 hours and one-on-one class of 4 hours a day.June 10 (Mon): No classes

※ 12 Wednesday, June Independence Day the (Independence day)

I will transfer on Monday June 10.

· June 14 (Friday): level test, quarantine

※ After lunch, going out possible. 15 I go out all the time to ask.

· June 15 (Sat): official TOEIC test

※ Please apply to Saturday 8th seekers

E & G International Language Center
Maryknoll Road, Davao City, Philippines

Phone : 091 7713 3029
e-mail : Infoattoeng-ryugaku.Com

  • August 4
  • Come to the Philippines and Learn English Well E & G International Language Center was founded on June 26, 2006. Its humble beginnings were braved by six teachers and five students. Since then, that number had grown sporadically. E & G is basically an ESL (English as a Secondary Language) school in Davao City. Its students originate mainly from South Korea and Japan. The students are taught the basics and dynamics of the English language. The school provides air-conditioned dormitory rooms, a dining hall which serves three square meals a day, numerous cubicles for both single and group classes, laundry services, room cleaning services, round-the-clock wifi service, competent office staff, a 24-hour CCTV system and security guard service. Despite the proliferation of various language centers around the country, E & G is an excellent choice by many prospective students. They are especially delighted about the breath-taking location of the school besides the sea fronting infamous Samal Island. The school is comfortably located nearby several huge malls and entertainment centers that provides relaxation for the students whenever they want to unwind. The locality is sprinkled with fast food and take-out counters as well as convenient outlets for immediate needs. The future goal of the school is to be able to bring in more students from South Korea and Japan and provide them with updated English teaching programs and bring it to a level of world-class compatibility. To know more you may visit our site at



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